• Faux Cable Crochet Blanket

    When I was a little girl of about 9 years old, the same age my daughter is now, I went away to Brownie camp. Or was it Girl Guides at that age? I can’t remember. I do remember, however, the project that I completed to get my seamstress badge. My mother… {Continue Reading}

    Faux Cable Crochet Blanket
It is the SWEET, simple things of life which are the REAL ones after all. ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder


Cute Boursin Cucumber Appetizers

You know those fun get togethers with the girls where everyone brings a bit to eat and a bit to drink and you all sit around laughing and nibbling and chatting?  Those are the best times.  But if you’re getting a little bored of your standard pot luck faire you might find yourself looking for […]

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