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Fun (and useful!) things from around the Net

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Thought I’d share a few new (to me) finds!

Websites for Writers – a new site that lists resources for writers.  If you publish articles about writing you can submit your site to the listings.  Go check it out. Oh, and Maternal Spark is newly listed there….if you have a moment to rate me, that would be much appreciated :)

Zakka Life Zakka Life – posts crafts and life hacks for creative types. I love the Rock key hider

Crochet Me – I love love love love love these sea stones with crochet jackets.  I’ve always wanted to collect stones at the beach but never know what to do with them.  Problem solved.

Carina’s Craft Blog – This blog has some fantastic tutorials – I especially love the carved eraser stamps!  I can see myself obsessivly carving a collection of stamps and hiding them away for special occasions.

EduChoices – this site has a list of 50 sites for writers.  Looking for info on finding an agent?  How about getting a paying gig?  You’ll find some help on this list!

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  1. thanks for sharing these.. I love the sea stones with crochet jackets… those are so cool.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I need ALL the creative boost I can get from other creative moms.

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