Thoughts for my Daughter

Dear Little H,

You are always going to do things before I’m ready for you to do them aren’t you?  So far, the only thing that took you

Mom and Baby
Mom and Baby

longer than it should have was your incubation in my tummy.  You were in there too long and had to be evicted.

But since that day, you’ve done everything ahead of schedule.  Ahead of my schedule anyway.

Holding up your head on your own.  Rolling over. Crawling. Walking. Running.  You’ve done it all in record time.  And now you’re two.  Two whole years old.

I’m really not ready for that.  You’re still my baby.  How is it that you are counting to 13?  Reading your ABC’s? Telling me that the dog is your best friend and that you like swimming with water wings on?

Last I checked, you were nursing at my breast and smiling a milky smile.  You were cooing and giggling for the camera.  You were propped up in a funny foam chair so you could sit on the table at dinner.  You liked to watch us eat.

Just yesterday, you were pulling up on the coffee table and bonking your head every two minutes.  You said ‘mama’ and ‘dada’ and you loved to eat pureed squash.

Now all of a sudden you’re not a baby anymore.  You are almost out of your diapers and I’m selfishly hoping you don’t ditch them too quickly.  Once they are gone, we won’t need to visit the baby isle in the grocery store any longer and it will be official.

Little H is Two
Little H is Two

You’ll be a ‘big kid’ and it won’t be

long before I’m packing you a lunch and sending you off to school.

I can’t think about that yet.

Instead I’ll think about how much you’ve changed my life.  How much you’ve changed me and how you’ve made me realize love.  Because I love you more than you’ll ever understand and I don’t plan on stopping. No matter how fast our time together flies, and how much you change.  I’ll love you always.

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  1. Awww happy birthday, pretty girl! My oldest just turned 2. It’s hard isn’t it. My youngest just turned one (both last month). They grow up sooo fast! Crazy.

  2. Shes adorable!! they do grow up waaaay too fast :'( I cant believe mine are already 2 1/2.

    Happy Birthday!

  3. awwwww, what a sweetheart, Happy 2nd Birthday!! I can relate, my baby just turned 1 and I still cannot seem to grasp it. When someone asks how old she is now, I pause I want to tell them in months-not years! 😀

  4. Hate to tell you, but it doesn’t get any easier. My youngest is about to turn 9 (although she believes she is 16, I think), my eldest (11) is sprouting boobs. I almost bawled when I had to pick up her first bra. Yesterday she asked me about tampons. Nope. Not ready for that AT ALL. Because I still remember her diapers and her first pair of shoes over those tiny pink toes.

    I mist up with compliments from other moms (and teachers), great test scores, even new friends being introduced as their worlds grow. I listen to their daily insights and marvel at how they are growing into real little women, people who can stand on their own two feet without any help from their Mommy. Oh, and I’m no longer Mommy. I’m Mom. I wanted to be Mommy forever, but they decided to change it before … well, before I was ready.

  5. Aww I know what ya mean my girl is going to be 2 in 3 weeks and it is way to fast!She is my baby and my last and I dont want her to grow up,
    Happy Birthday Sweet one

  6. Happy Birthday Hannah!!! Wow, can’t believe she’s 2 already….time flies, I remember getting the call lettung us know she was born, 2 yrs….crazy, Well, as you know, she is absolutely beautiful. So precious, so cute, I am so happy to be her Auntie:) Hope you enjoyed this special day:)

  7. and then they are teenagers.. and I think it is at this time that we really learn how much our parents must have loved us.. they did not kill us… 🙂

    each moment is so special… the memories you are building now can be so helpful in the years to come.. and when she gets older and you miss the baby stage.. sneak in while she is sleeping.. our babies are always our babies while they are sleeping :):)

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