The Humor of Motherhood

There’s a special kind of shock, disgust and humor that occurs together in the grey matter of the average mom.    This mental potpourri happens randomly throughout motherhood and is typically reserved for situations that involve poop.

Poop on the wall?  Oh My Gawd, that’s Shocking!  And Gross!  But you gotta just laugh and clean it up otherwise the shock and disgust never goes away.  Your expression of eyes wide open and nose crinkled shut would remain.  Your face could STAY like that!

Humor is the most important piece of this emotional trifecta.  It’s the minds defense mechanism, a barrier to what’s really taking place.  Without the ability to laugh at misfortune,  many a mom would be found hiding in the laundry basket singing ‘twinkle, twinkle’ and praying that the pork chop some kid shoved into the furnace grate dries up before it starts to stink.

But let me tell you.  Even with these emotional barriers in place, the most seasoned moms who are well prepared and trained for the unexpected can still go off the deep end.  Some things can still sideswipe them into frenzied hysterics like in that episode of Seinfeld when Jerry puts the Pez dispenser on Elaine’s knee during a piano recital.

I experienced such an event last night.  It was in the exact moment little H sneezed with a mouthful of spaghetti.  There was a confused look on her face and then it appeared.  A noodle quietly peeked out of her nostril.

Hubby looked at me and I looked at him. Shock.  The expression on his face was clear and it overtook him completely.  I’m sure I wore one to match.

Little H didn’t appear to be uncomfortable but the look of confusion still shone in her eyes.  And then she squirmed and wiped at her nose.

Hubby and I were still staring at each other.  Seemingly without blinking, he reached across the table and yanked on the noodle.

5 or so inches of nostril noodle came sliding out.  Disgusting.

“There was a noodle in my nose!!” she shouted.

And then my mental defenses failed me and I became awash in hysterical laughter.  I’m still laughing now, some 15 hours later.  I don’t think I’ll ever recover and I know I won’t be able to eat noodles for a LONG time.



    • Ew I know, she didn’t seem to put off by it but I can’t imagine it was pleasant. It was just so darned LONG! LOL!

  1. LOL you sure have a crafty one 😉 don’t worry you’re not alone LOL mine is too! The poop on the wall was a huge hit in our house when my kiddo was around 2 and a half LOL

    Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday 🙂


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