Dreams and Nightmares

In her Big Girl Bed

Well, Little H has had a BIG week this week.  It marked the end of her time at her ‘old’ sitters and the beginning of her time with the new dayhome.  She’s handled it like a champ – no crying at drop off and no acting up.  But I have noticed she’s started having dreams that she remembers.

The frequency of her dreams may have something to do with stress…a change in daily routine is hard on anyone never mind a pre-schooler. She seems to be having more than usual, or maybe it’s just because she remembers them enough to talk about them after that’s making me take notice.

Last night at dinner we were sitting around the table and she said:

“Mommy, remember when there was a giant down there?”

“Um, what are you talking about H?”

“Remember he was down there,” she said pointing to the front door.

“There was a Giant?  Did it come in the house?”


“Did it look at you?”

“No, it was just a giant like on Mickey Mouse.”

I can only assume this stemmed from a dream.  We haven’t had any visitors to our house lately…she didn’t seem particularly worked up over it either.  Maybe she just watches too much Mickey Mouse!

Then this morning she woke up screaming – the kind of scream that makes a mom RUN.  So, I did run into her room and she was in bed.  I asked her what was wrong and she sobbed “My bed was going down!”

“It’s just a dream honey, it’s not real.  Your bed is nice and safe and cozy.  Go back to sleep for a little bit longer ok?”

“Wipe my tears?”

“Of course, now go back to sleep now and have sweet dreams.”

“Ok mommy, remember when my bed was going down?”

“Yes, it was just a dream…it wasn’t real, night night.”

“Night night mommy.”

I hope this doesn’t go much further than simple dreams and nightmares.  Have you had experience with this?  How do your kids react to dreaming?  I’d be curious to hear how you handle it.



  1. My son had a nightmare once, we went in and had to help him calm down before he would go back to sleep.

    My daughter has dreams and she tells us about them, but they aren’t scary to her so I don’t have any good advice. I’m sorry. I hope you don’t loose too much sleep though, and that telling her it was just a dream works. Maybe a nightlight will help too
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    • Thanks Louise,

      I guess to a certain extent bad dreams are normal…we’ve had a couple quiet nights so I’m hoping she’s learning how to handle it. And if not, we’ll work with her to overcome it. It’s just one of those things we don’t think about really as adults. Dreams are just ‘dreams’.
      .-= Heather´s last blog ..Dreams and Nightmares =-.

  2. I don’t know how old H is but Wild Man is nearly 4 and we can’t keep him in his bed at night. I don’t know if it’s bad dreams or what but about 3am EVERY morning he crawls in bed with us. Of course, we’re dead asleep and he’s gotten pretty stealthy so we usually don’t notice him till the sun’s up.

    As far as her stories, it could be a new pretend play game her and the other kids play at the dayhome. I know the imagination goes into overdrive at this age so she may be trying to tell about her day! If it’s not scary or she doesn’t seem alarmed by it, I wouldn’t worry too much.

    I’m afraid I don’t have any advice to offer on the “wakin you up screaming” nightmares. This only happened a handful of times with my three kids and I did exactly what you did – sooth them and get them back to sleep. It didn’t become a big problem for us. Hopefully it will pass for H too! Good luck!!!
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    • Thanks Jenn! H is just about to turn 3. She is starting more ‘imaginative’ play and has turned into quite the story teller. She’s quite fond of singing games now. Maybe it is just a combo of the two, and her age. I hope so. Your wild man sounds like quite the character!! Thanks for the good luck wishes!
      .-= Heather´s last blog ..Dreams and Nightmares =-.

  3. my 6y/o had nightmares for a long time. it’s normal. just listen to them and be reassuring. they get through it. believe it or not, it’s a phase. overactive imaginations mixed with making sense of the world around them. my son used to have nightmares of his back then favorite show…the doodlebops.
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