I’m Confused about the Wiener

For my last pregnancy, we kept the sex a surprise. We didn’t want to know if we were having a boy or a girl. I was pretty sure our little H was going to be a girl and I was right.

This time around we wanted to find out. Mostly because I wanted to know if I had to haul out all little H’s baby gear I’d been hoarding and go through the huge task of washing and sorting it all. Plus, our kids are going to share a room. A room which needs a make over and I wanted to know if we needed to paint girly – for a duo of girls…or more neutral.

During the first 2 or 3 weeks of this pregnancy, I kept having thoughts about it being a boy. Then, as I thought about it more, I convinced myself we were having another girl. After all, it would make life a lot easier if we had two girls. Two girls to share clothes, two girls to share a room, two girls to share toys. Easy.

Today we went for the 18 week ultrasound. Can you believe we’re already at week 18??? I can’t, it’s gone by so fast.

I’m sure you can guess by the title of this post that we’re having a little BOY. With BOY parts.

I’ve never had much experience with little boys and I’m feeling a little confused. I’m not really sure what to do here. I mean, I bet it will all fall into place once that little blue clad bundle is in my arms but until then, I’m not too sure what to make of this situation. Wiener? Really?

In a fitting turn of events, we had hotdogs for dinner….first time since last summer πŸ™‚

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    • I’m really looking forward to the shopping part…it will help make things more ‘real’ πŸ™‚

  1. I never found out with my pregnancies but I asked my friend when she found out she was having a boy, “you realize there’s a little penis growing inside you right, how weird is that???” LOL It IS kind of weird when you think about it.

    Boys are noise, with dirt on it. <— best quote ever.

  2. Congratulations! Make sure to stock up on extra baby wash cloths. They make excellent pee guards while you’re changing diapers. It’s funny you say you don’t know what to do with a boy. After having 2 boys, I wouldn’t know what to do with a girl LOL.
    .-= Amanda´s last blog ..Living on Post =-.

  3. I 2nd Amanda’s washcloth/pee guard comment!

    Congrats on finding out about your little weinered blue bundle! How fun. You’ll be a natural as soon as he’s out. πŸ™‚ You daughter will enjoy having a little brother to boss around as she gets older – I sure did!

    • She does not want the baby to be a boy…and now that I’ve convinced her it is, she’s determined to name it ‘Boots the Monkey’


  4. Congrats on having a boy. I wanted a boy so bad I convinced myself I was having a girl and basically told the ultrasound tech she was lying when she said it was a boy. Boys are easy. My big advice is point the weiner DOWN when you put on the diaper. I didn’t for the 1st couple weeks and I couldn’t understand how he was waking up soaked. Turns out I just let the weiney point in whichever direction!

    • Hubs just realized today that he’ll have someone to talk Star Wars with. It’s going to be a blast delving into boy toy territory!

      • hahaha! That’s actually the first thing we did when we came home from the hospital…. Hubs made me watch Star Wars. I don’t think he realized the torture of having a c-section incision and not being able to move around and just get up and walk away for fear of pain, or being too far away from my newborn! lol
        .-= Mandi´s last blog ..Fresh Strawberries At Fulton Farms =-.

  5. Congrats! Boys are super fun. My “baby” boy just turned 6 and we have a special relationship. He is VERY different from my girls. The girls are all about drama, he is just about having fun!

    • Alayna! It’s so nice to see you πŸ˜€ How have you been doing with Zadyball? Busy I hope. Thanks for the insight, I imagine the mother/son relationship is quite special and I can’t wait to figure it all out.

  6. LOL Sometimes I still don’t know what to do with my boy. But at some point they will look at you with their sweet sweet eyes and tell you they are going to protect you or that you are beautiful and suddenly the idea of having a boy is much more fun and exciting than having a husband! LOL Congratulations!!!
    .-= Brittany´s last blog ..Our Child Safe Website =-.

    • Now that’s a fun perspective! When you put it that way, it sounds so sweet. I’m really looking forward to this adventure into motherhood. Thanks Brittany πŸ™‚

  7. Ok, I feel like a real asshole that I didn’t know you were pregnant!

    Second, congrats on the wiener! Just cover it during diaper changes and point it down when doing up the diaper and you’ll be all good πŸ˜‰

    No, really, boys rock…it’ll be all good!

    Congratulations Heather!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..My Ohana =-.

    • Thanks Sarah – see what happens when you get busy working? I catch you not reading my blog! hahaha! Anyway, thanks for coming by and offering some wiener advice. Lord knows I need all I can get!

  8. OMG! Where have I been? I didn’t even know you are preggers. OMGosh… Okay, now that I am caught up: Congratulations on the pregnancy and surprise! on the boy. LOL.

    I thought I would have all girls so when I found out my second child was (is?) a boy I was quite thrown for a loop. It took me awhile to adjust to that fact and it’s still a learning experience/curve everyday. I have three girls and one boy, and it’s an entirely different world. Luckily my girls are tomboys and girlie so they all play together really well.

    The three youngest share a room, but I really think he needs his own room. He’s 6 now. I have an idea for a dual-gender room where the themes and colors can mesh. (Similar to an idea that I had for my three.) For instance, my son’s theme is safari specifically lion and my one daughter has sunflowers. Since they both like animals I would do a jungle theme with a lion on the edge of a forest looking to a field of sunflowers. One daughter is ladybugs so I could have sunflowers and ladybugs.

    An-t-way, now that I’ve written an entire book I’ll go… I hope you’ve been feeling well and getting a lot of rest. Congrats again.
    .-= Petula´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: Happy Birthday Lil Bit =-.

    • Thanks Petula! I love the idea of a lion overlooking sunflowers…I can see it in my head and it’s adorable! H is big into ladybugs too and we had planned to do a ladybug theme…now I’m not so sure how that would work with a boy in the room. Maybe ladybugs and grasshoppers? Could be cute! Thanks for coming by and wishing me well, I’m feeling good (aside from being super sleepy) and looking forward to the rest of this pregnancy πŸ™‚

      • I like the idea of ladybugs and grasshoppers… I think that would be really cute & cool. I should have known you would be able to picture what I was saying! We’re so kismet! LOL πŸ˜€

        I’d love to hear and see what you guys decide on.

        Have a great weekend and get some rest. I so remember that constant feeling of sleepiness.
        .-= Petula´s last blog ..Saving on closeouts =-.

  9. OMG congratulations!!! I think I would be scared of the wiener too…your title had me LMAO! Your going to be a wonderful mom to a boy, just like you are to your girly girl,…although I can only imagine that it would be a little scary!

    Congrats again!

    • Trouble eh? I’m concerned about what the two of them will get into together…I’m sure you have much experience in that arena!

      • Not to worry you or anything, but you should be a little scared of what the two of them will accomplish together- Partners in crime:)

  10. Lol, you’ll do great! I was a little unsure of myself too when I first had my son as I was used to changing girl diapers, but it all fell in place and I love him dearly! He is the biggest sweetheart and is the first to pay me compliments. It’s wonderful to have such a contrast and a little “man” in our house. πŸ™‚


    We were sure we’d have two girls. Didn’t find out ahead for either kid and son was such a surprise that we couldn’t stop crying.

    Newborn didn’t seem so different except for getting peed on a couple of times. Later on, wow my son was always so much more cuddly than my opinionated, head-strong (don’t know where she gets it) daughter πŸ™‚ But there is a big personality difference between my two as well and I know people with only girls or only boys that have that same conflict.


  12. I had three girls and THEN my boy (and then another), so I get where you are coming from! I don’t have any brothers, either, or uncles or male cousins…my world was basically Girl World.

    You’ll find your little boy steals your heart in a much different way than your daughter. It’s very sweet. Oh, and yes, Point The Peter Down – that took me a while to learn! I’ve heard others say that girls are easier at first, then harder when they’re older (more emotional). Boys are harder at first (so much energy!) and easier when they’re older (much less drama). So far, that has TOTALLY held up while raising my five kiddos! So if those first few years with a boy have you pulling out your hair, breath easy that you won’t have to deal with periods and girl fights later on! πŸ˜‰
    .-= Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig´s last blog ..β€œI Told You Them Chickens Was Organized”* =-.

  13. Congratulations! I have two wonderful little boys. My 3 year old is a bundle of energy, and he surely keeps me on my toes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. His baby brother might end up being a handful too, but I’m not quite sure yet. Boys rock! And, don’t worry about getting peed on-I learned to throw my hand over it in a blink of an eye during changes and baths. You’ll learn to “block” in no time!

  14. So excited for you — as I said on MomDot, I was in the same position last April SHOCKED to realize I was growing a penis in my uterus and SHOCKED to realize I would have to clean it and avoid getting sprayed!

    But, having a little boy has truly been an amazing experience — he’s so lovable and cuddly and TOTALLY a mama’s boy!


  15. I love my boys (and my girls) but they are something else! You’ll see, he’ll melt your heart in a way you never expected!


  16. Congrats! Boys are interesting.

    At the risk of getting yelled at, I have to tell you, you being my Spoon Girl and all, that the ultrasound could be wrong. We were told that if an ultrasound shows a girl, it is pretty much 100% accurate. But if it shows a boy, it could be wrong because the umbilical cord can appear as a wiener to the tech. And you are only 18 weeks so there is still time for good confirmation. πŸ˜€

    We got lucky after the first US and the next two, Ro had her legs open. PLUS it was a 3D ultrasound so there was no question. LOL

    Just be prepared to have them change the sex on you. It happened to a couple of my friends who had bought everything boy. It was not fun for them. LOL

    And when I found out I was pregnant, I immediately knew it was a girl. I was right, obviously. I do have experience with boys though if you want some tips. I helped raise my nephew, my best friend’s 3 boys (twins and a single) and another friend’s boy. I have LOTS of experience.

    I am so thrilled that you are going to have a baby, no matter what the gender.

    PS: Did the title of this post bring in porn spam comments? I got a ton on posts that had any reference to sex, sexual parts, positions or slang in them. Those spammers must have Google alerts for all the possible keywords. LMAO
    .-= Shan @ Last Shreds Of Sanity´s last blog ..All The Pretty Flowers: MomDot’s Small Talk Six =-.

  17. Congrats!!!
    I hear you LOL when I was pregnant I was sure it was a girl, and I felt more comfortable with her being a girl just because I come from a family that mostly had girls. I was older (than my sister 10 years, cousins 14, 21) so I babysat them and kind of got use to the whole girl thing LOL…
    But you’ll do great, trust me!!! Once the little man is here you’ll see… You know what they say, boys are always around their moms πŸ™‚ and girls tend to be closer to their fathers (or at least mine is LOL).
    .-= Firefly´s last blog ..Google Nexus One Gets Android 2.2 Update =-.

  18. I kno I’m x months late – but thgt this was great. I had a wiener when I grew up – no, let me rephrase that – I had to look after a weiner when I grew up (I have a bro 18 months younger than me) and my mom always says she was so pleased I was there cos she wouldn’t have known what to do! Apparently, being a child and not having any kind of fear or knowledge of what “that hose thing” was, meant I was able to just see it as a difference, and even now when girlfriends ask me “did u think it was a disability?/ did you see it as a fun thing?/ did you see it as something you could aim?”, I can honestly say “I didn’t see it as ANYTHING, just an object that meant he sprayed the toilet rather than used it properly!”. Thanx. BTW I’m 16 now and having fun with my 18 year old girlfriend’s wiener – no better rephrase that!


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