On Naming Offspring

Naming a future kid you haven’t laid eyes on yet has to be one of the hardest things in life.ย  I mean, choose wrong and your child could be ridiculed for all of it’s school years and beyond (some nicknames stick fast!)

Last night Hubs and I were discussing baby girl names.

Me: How about Hope?

He gets online and googles some baby name sites…

Him: How about Beatrix?

Me: as in Potter?

Him: well, it might be from Harry Potter but it was just a small part.

Me: Um, no.ย  It’s Beatrix Potter the author of the bunny rabbit stories.

Him: Ahhh right.ย  Well, how about Belinda?

Me: You’re fired.

Interesting fact: Beatrix Potters actual first name was Helen (according to Wikipedia anyway) and Helen isn’t an option either thank you very much. (I’m sure most people named Helen, Beatrix or Belinda are very lovely people…don’t freak out cause I don’t like your name for my kid mkay?)

And it’s been pointed out to me that Beatrix is pretty cute (and I agree) however it has HUGE potential to morph into TRIXIE.

Not. Going. To. Happen.



  1. We struggled naming our 2 girls. I loved the name Lexie for our youngest but all my husband kept hearing in his head was Sexy Lexie. So yeah, we went with Emily. Now our son (due in Sept.) needs a name and picking one just might lead to our divorce, we can NOT agree!

    • I like the name Emily, I tend to lean towards classic names ๐Ÿ™‚ Best of luck in naming your son!

  2. I remember how we thought long and hard about Josh’s name. I think it was a good choice in retrospect, although throughout school it seemed he was always in a class with some other kid named Josh. I sort of wish we had the tradition of “use names.” You give a kid a name as a child, and then when he or she reaches a certain age they get to decide what their adult name will be.
    .-= Charles Gramlich´s last blog ..Half a Krapp of Something Abbatt (=3.33) =-.

  3. Ummmm … yeah. Beatrix would be on the NO list for me. Then again, I considered the name Cinnamon once for my eldest, until my father-in-law asked me if I thought she’d grow up to be a stripper.
    .-= Creative Junkie´s last blog ..Randomosity =-.

  4. Man… I thought our little man would never have a name. We argued about it for months. IT is very hard, a name is with you forever.

  5. LOL, funny convo! We actually agreed right away on what to name Taylor, it just so happens she is named after several of our friends, but not ‘actually’ we just let all of them think thats why we named her that LOL
    .-= Eve´s last blog ..Dear Birthmom, =-.

    • are there any doctors, lawyers or professors named Trixie? I doubt there’s many. It’s so odd how we put these stereotypes on names isn’t it?

  6. Oh man, I remember those days. We decided pretty quickly, and I think we already have future babies name picked out! I just hope we agree on it and it ‘works’!

  7. Beatrix is kinda cute, I’m a bit bias though, my Mom’s name is Beatrice, her nickname was beet, lol! I always loved the name Grace but my hubby didn’t, I do have a niece named Gracelynn, I thought that was pretty.
    .-= Henrietta´s last blog ..Pie’s Ponderings =-.

    • Beet! How cute ๐Ÿ™‚ I like the name Grace too…very serene. One could only hope the child was relaxed and easy going!

    • cute on the beginning and sassy on the end…just asking for trouble! Little H wants to name it Dora for a girl and Boots the Monkey for a boy. No Joke.

  8. That is hilarious, because I was strongly leaning to name my daughter Beatrix. While I was pregnant, I read a book about her. Annnnd then someone said Trixie.

    Good luck, I had narrowed it down to 60 names when I went to the hospital.

    I think I still have my list somewhere, I’d be happy to overwhelm, er, help you.


    Good luck!
    .-= Sky´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday โ€“ Congrats Grads! =-.

  9. My ex and I once considered a name for our first son that would’ve given him the initials BLT. Took us all of five seconds to decide that that would not work. My father’s youngest sister was named Ruth Ellen, but came very close to being named Ruth Ann. Fortunately, my grandparents came to the same conclusion my ex and I did about initials: it wouldn’t do for Ruth to go through life with the initials RAT. So, yeah, initials can be just as important as the names themselves.
    .-= Gary D Townsend´s last blog ..WIR #23: The Graveyard Book =-.

  10. I agree, it’s a tough decision! I think it’s why God gave us 9 months to figure it out…but even then I wasn’t sure of our kids names until I actually saw them in my arms and could “place” them with their new name! LOL

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