Listen up Motherhood Maternity

Dear Motherhood Maternity clothing people,

Is it really necessary to have 5 swingtags on the waistband, two size stickers on the legs and article stickers in the pockets of your clothing? Cause I just spent the last two hours at work walking around with “Plus 2X” on the backs of not one, but TWO of my thighs (that’s all of them in case you were wondering if you need more stickers.)

Everyone knows I’m preggo. And large. They don’t need to know HOW large. And the fact that I can’t see the backs of my own thighs any longer is proof that you don’t need to label them for accuracy.


Heather Humiliated.



  1. LOL LOL LOL Both my husband and I have had that happen before. It’s embarassing when you’ve displayed the size for the world to see. However, it hasn’t happened while preggo. I’d probably burst into tears, lol!

  2. I’ve noticed lately that clothes companies all seem to be doing their part to add to landfills with so many tags. I’ve even washed the stickers on some of the clothes I’ve purchased for my son and then ended up with a permanent round spot because of the glue. It’s serious overkill, and I swear it takes about 10 minutes to find and eliminate all the tags.

  3. LOL, this is fabulous. A buddy of mine walked into the restaurant to meet us with the sticker still down the front of his shirt. It was a plaid shirt so he didnt see it. It was funny when I ripped it off LOL


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