Pregancy Update

I’m into the third trimester!  Yay!  Baby is growing well and is right on track according to my last ultrasound.  I’m starting to feel VERY uncomfortable but that’s to be expected now.  Things might be a little quiet around here for the next while and not just because I’m freakin exhausted but also because I’m working hard to try and get a second site up and running.

Yeah, I’m insane.

Watch for the launch announcement sometime this September!



    • It’s seems from my point of view that you keep up with your site very well my friend 🙂 Besides, you are writing a lot of other things too! Thanks Charles

  1. Third trimester already? Whew, it’s going fast (LOL… well, at least for me). You sure are working hard over there – be sure to get some rest soon Virgo mommy! I know how we push ourselves. Have a great week.

    • Rest? I know not of which you speak…

      Hubby is working a stupid insane overtime schedule right now so there is no chance of rest for me. As you know well, three year olds do not rest!

      • Hmmm??? Might I suggest a children’s pain reliever product to assist in her resting? 🙂 I keep threatening to do that to my children… LOL… Anna even wiggles her way to sleep, isn’t it maddening?

        What about getting a big bubble and a lounge chair. Place toys and lounge chair inside bubble (take fluids and chocolate in, an iPOD and a little pot too), seal bubble and lounge on chair with earphones in. There’s a pot for “eliminating” and she can’t get out or hurt herself. 😀

        No? Okay… well, close your eyes for 10 seconds before she yells “moommmmiiieeee” again!

        • H wiggles to sleep too! Some days I look at her and think ‘now I understand how some parents end up putting their kids in the closet and closing the door.’ Not that I ever would…but still, I can understand! 😀

  2. Hey, I’m back online, for now at least.

    Popped by to see how you are doing, and you are preggers! Congrats!

    I keep meaning to e-mail you, but other things keep getting in the way. Soon.

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