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Sell your Handmade Goods and Crafts Online

As my long time readers know, I have quite the interest in creativity.  I’ve featured many Etsy artists in the past and while I no longer focus on that,  I wanted to share a few resources I’ve come across for those who wish to sell your handmade crafts online.

While Etsy is a wonderful community and website, I think there are better ways to sell your handmade crafts online.  Some of the drawbacks of selling on Etsy are:

  • It’s a huge site
  • It’s hard to stand out
  • You can’t control many aspects of your store like search engine optimization etc
  • There’s a lot of competition.  A Lot.

If you’re ready to take your online sales to the next level, consider the following two options:

Option #1 (and the one I’ve tried, loved, and believe in)

Sell your Handmade Crafts via BigCommerce

BigCommerce: The easiest way to sell online!

BigCommerce includes dozens of built-in marketing tools to drive traffic to your online store, including advanced search engine optimization, Google product export and the ability to sell your products on Facebook.

Receive up to $100 in Google AdWords Credit When You Purchase a BigCommerce Plan

  • Unlimited free support
  • Free software updates
  • Use your domain name
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Drag and drop design customization
  • Newsletter signup box
  • Built-in sales reports

Option #2 (never tried it, but it does sound pretty good!)

Sell your Handmade Goods via ProStores

ProStores is an Ebay company and as such they have seamless integration with PayPal!  They have tons of tips on SEO, online sales etc because they want to make sure you succeed in your online sales venture.  Check it out and get a free trial.  You owe it to yourself to at least have a browse of their site and see what it’s all about. Get everything you need to start you own Web store – FREE.

sell your handmade crafts online

ProStores - an Ebay Co

  • Sell up to 5000 products
  • Hassle-free guided setup
  • Built-in templates and support for custom designs
  • Real-time credit card payment processing
  • Seamless PayPal integration
  • 24/7 toll-free phone support
  • Google Products feed and online marketing tools
  • Built-in inventory and order management

So there you go, a couple other venues to check out for selling your crafts online.  You can make these stores your own and avoid falling into the Etsy black hole.  If you open one, I’d love you to leave the link here so I can check it out!

note – this post contains affiliate links


  1. Hey Heather,

    While I don’t have anything creative to sell, It’s always handy to know about sites like this. I’m going to go and poke around just to see what I can find!


  2. I’m glad I came by today. I don’t know if you remember me talking about wanting to make jewelry. Well, I’ve made a few pieces and I am going to soon concentrate on making enough to open an online store. So you’ve given me a lot to think about and review. What’s the link to your store? Thanks for this post. :-)

    • Yes, I do remember that discussion! I don’t have a live link any longer – I opened an account with BigCommerce for work for a new product line we are working on. I was impressed by how easy it was to set up and their customer service was outstanding.

      When we decided to go big and develop our own design application it was easy to cancel our account.

      I would go with BigCommerce in an instant if I was starting up something on my own!

  3. Hello, old friend!
    Great post – we’re always looking for ways to branch out!!

    • Hey! Who are you calling old 😉 tee hee! Good to see you Ana. I see Pretty Peacock items all over the blogosphere. Awesome job!!

  4. I am wanting to start selling my digital designs again, so I appreciate the post.

    • Exciting! Send me the link if you go with either of these options…I’d love to see what you go with!

  5. Have bookmarked this for future reference! Thanks for the info! :)

  6. Great information heather, I had no idea either existed. Thanks!

  7. I don’t have anything to sell, and while I agree that etsy is a bit overwhelming when you’re looking for something, I LOVE IT!

    For people who sign up with either company, how are they marketing their products? Are they using their own website? If so, they’d have to get the traffic first, before they can start to make sales, right?

    I’m just not sure that I understand completely…

    • Great question Monique! I love Etsy too – really. But the downfall of it is that there are so many artists competing for space. They fight to be on the front page, they fight to be close to the top of the category searches and they fight to get noticed in the forums.

      All of that effort could be better put to use in actually making product if they had the ability to control their marketing via SEO, adwords, etc etc. Yes, they would have to do their own marketing but anyone who is successful on Etsy does their own marketing anyway. You can’t just open up a store on Etsy and expect to get lots of eyes to it know what I mean?

      • Okay. I just don’t know what it’s like for the seller. When I go on there I’m looking for something specific and scroll through a good 10 or 20 pages to find the right thing. I haven’t bought off the front page, and I generally scroll by price. I really like etsy for the variety, but I do understand that you’re fighting hard to get your product seen.


  8. I totally agree with the BigCommerce choice. I’ve been using that platform for a couple of years now and I’m yet to see a competitor match what they offer.


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