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How to Transfer your WordPress blog from GoDaddy to Hostgator

A while back I wrote a post about my experience with GoDaddy vs Hostgator WordPress Hosting and how I couldn’t take it any longer.  Ever since then I’ve had people landing here from google with phrases like ‘How do I transfer my blog to Hostgator?‘   I thought I’d write this quick post and answer those questions – you know, make it easy for people to run from the bad customer service I endured at Godaddy into the welcoming arms of Hostgator 😀 Oh, and by the way, they will do this transfer for free when you buy hosting!

How to Transfer your WordPress Blog from GoDaddy to Hostgator – 9 Easy Steps

#1 – Pick your Package.  Go over to the HostGator site and chose which hosting package you want.  I’m using the ‘Baby’ plan and I have this blog plus a couple of sub domains and a whole whack of space.  Right now, it’s serving me very well and I have no plans of expanding but should I decide I need other features it’s easy to upgrade.

#2 – Purchase your package and make sure you get all your confirmation emails etc.

#3 – Log into your GoDaddy account and download a back up of your blog content just so you have it…you can also export content directly from your wordpress dashboard to be on the safe side but honestly – unless you delete your original files (which you won’t do, will you?), they aren’t going anywhere.

#4 – Go to their Hostgator Transfer Form and fill it out.  They will need ftp info to access your old hosting files (at GoDaddy or other host) in order for them to move it all over.  It’s secure.  Don’t fret.  They are there to help you.  Fill it all out, I did.

#5 – Wait for them to do their magic.  It might take some time for them to gain access and pull all your files over.  DO NOT CANCEL your Godaddy account at this point.  Have patience and leave it all be so you don’t experience any down time.  When your files have been transferred it’s important to note that your domain name registration hasn’t changed.

#6 – Once you have confirmation that your files have been transferred, log into your GoDaddy account and point your domain DNS to your new host.  All the info you need is in the bottom left screen of your cPanel with Hostgator.  If you need help, click here and watch the video tutorials – there’s one specifically for Godaddy.

#7- If you want to transfer your domain name registration over to Hostgator as well, they will also take care of it for free.  I moved mine, easy peasy.  To start the process go here.  They will transfer the main domain name you used for your hosting account only at no charge.

#8 – It is possible to get a refund on remaining hosting months left with GoDaddy however you will have to submit a help ticket to request it.  If you just go and cancel your account through your account settings you will NOT get a refund.  In order to get your money back submit a help ticket asking them how to get a refund OR you can call in and request it from ‘customer service’. Do not do this unless you know your transfer is completed to Hostgator.

#9 – do a dance of joy, it’s all done!

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  1. I LOVE Hostgator — I tweeted and stumbled this for you; more people can benefit from it! :)

  2. Thank you so much! As soon as I can figure out wtf is up (i.e. as soon as I have time tonight after my daughter is in bed) I’m going to start the process. I’m SO over GoDaddy! Thanks for the simple step by step instructions. It’s EXACTLY what I needed!

    • It can be tricky to get solid FTP access to your godaddy account. Because of all the viruses they’ve been having, they limit access (my guess here) without telling people. I had more luck with their built in flash ftp app than I did with a 3rd party app like filezilla. Try both though.

      good luck and let me know if I can help out!!

  3. Babaji M P says:

    I didn’t expect this article.
    I wanted to know how to move via cpanel.

  4. Had no idea hostgator provided this service for free…thanks for mentioning!

  5. Hi! I have 25 domains on 1 GoDaddy Deluxe Linux Hosting account. I want to transfer them to Hostgator now.

    Is it possible to transfer the all of the 25 wordpress sites to Hostgator Baby Plan?

    Or is the transfer only free for the main domain?

    Thanks for this post!

    • You should be able to transfer all of your files but only one domain name for no charge. At least, this is my understanding. You can point your other domain names to their appropriate places from your godaddy dashboard and when they are ready for renewal, move them one by one (that’s what I’m doing because I don’t want to pay to transfer them all at once…bit by bit works better for my budget) I hope this helps and best of luck!

  6. Thank you for your post. I’m struggling for three month with go daddy hosting and I’m thick and tired of it. It takes ages to upload files or create new post. Site speed is extremely slow. Never host on Go Daddy!!!

  7. I’m in the process now. I decided to just ftp and copy everything from my root folder, edited my wp-config.php file to reflect my hostgator database details, zipped everything, then manually upload it to my new hostgator account in html_public folder and extracted. Smooth as butter without putting extra work or time on the hostgator guys. But if you’re not comfortable tackling that aspect I wouldn’t suggest it.
    I wasn’t 100% sure if I should just point the domain nameservers yet or transfer first. This cleared that up for me :) Thank you!
    I don’t know if it’s a must or not, but to be on the safeside I also did a full backup of my MySQL database (and secondary databases for other domains and subdomains) for my wordpress and imported that to my new database(s) at hostgator. Just wanted to make sure it would all be there.
    Great write up.

    • Heather says:

      Hi Sean,

      Thank you! You certainly seem to have it all wrapped up and I hope you’re happy with the switch. And YES. Backups are always a good idea :)

  8. Hey Heather,
    It helped. I was searching for it. Most of the bloggers write about how to connect domain name with Hostgator hosting, but you are the one who wrote about it and helped me out.


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