A New Baby Nightmare (ok, so that’s a touch dramatic…sue me)

Blurry – NOT cool

It was a Wednesday, the 20th of October to be exact.  My family of three dropped in at the OB’s office for an ultrasound and check up on the wee baby in my womb.  “You’re having this baby today or tomorrow,” says the OB.  “Head over to the hospital for a second opinion on that ultrasound.”

“What? Today?”


So off we go to the hospital.  The second ultrasound confirms that yes, the fluid levels are quite low and the baby is going to be evicted asap.  The husband takes little H home where my sister is going to meet them.  My sister will be looking after little H while myself and the hubs are busy with the birth of our son.

In the Labour and Delivery ward, the Dr. says it will only be a couple of hours until the show starts.  “So I should call my husband and get him back here right away then? “

“Yes,” she says.  “I expect us to get started in an hour or two.”

I’m kinda freaking out a bit.  An hour or two – the baby will be out and here in an hour or two.  I’ll have surgery in an hour or two.  Another c-section.  Today. We are not ready…so much still to do and clean and prepare.  I didn’t even have my hospital bag with me and it was really only partially packed. I hadn’t finished yet.  I thought I had at least a week left.

Moments later, the hubs returns.

“Did you grab the camera?” I ask.

“The camera is broken.  I turn it on and it looks like everything works but it only takes a black picture.”

“Did you take the lens cap off?”

“Yeah,” he says with an expression on his face of do you really think I’m that mentally incompetent ?  And if you do – why did you marry me and proceed to spread my genes to our offspring?

Great.  Just great.”

“It’s ok,” he said, “I stopped and picked up a little one so we would at least have something.”

He pulls a little red Kodak point and shoot out of his pocket and I’m thrilled.  I mean, who doesn’t have pictures of their baby being born right?  What kind of parents would miss the child’s first moments? Bad ones I can only guess….and we are nowhere near being bad parents.  We are freakin amazing parents.  Ah – mazing let me tell you.

And then we start to use it and only 1 in 5 pictures is clear.  We’re on the blurry street to blurry town folks.  Next stop blurry station.




So, we do have a few pictures from baby N’s birthday.  And I’ve taken a few since then but really – snapping 20 pics just so I can hope to have one or two good ones isn’t my idea of a fun time.  I am in total shopping mode for a good quality replacement camera but as I am newly on Maternity leave, the budget leaves much to be desired.  I would love your recommendations.  If you have a camera you love please tell me all about it!  I can’t stand not being able to snap great photos of our newborn and he’s already two weeks old.  Newborn… he won’t be that much longer.



  1. Oh, I’m sorry! That’s so frustrating, and also very stressful! You might want to actually pick up a disposable film camera in the meantime – I know film is antiquated but at least you’ll have some clear photos.

    I think the very nicest cameras are the Canon Rebel types, but they are quite expensive so I haven’t gotten one yet. I own a Canon PowerShot A470 7.1MP Digital Camera with 3.4x Optical Zoom – I had an Amazon GC so it only cost me $10 out of pocket. 🙂 I chose it because it is was affordable and capable of taking HDR pictures (Which requires a lot of very complicated software and learning, but I wanted to learn how so I wanted that capability.)

    Here is a link to a tweet about it, which contains my Amazon Associate link:


    Here are some of the pics I’ve taken with it (Regular and HDR):


    There are better cameras out there, but I thought I would share mine because I chose one that took good pics but was in my budget.

    And, if you want a movie camera, here’s my review of the Flip:


    • thanks so much Beeb! I’m considering a powershot…the one that died was a powershot and while it had a few things I didn’t like about it, it generally was a good camera.

  2. Oh man….really? That seriously bites. We had a super crappy camera with our first baby and have like 2 pictures that turned out from the entire time we were in the hospital. Luckily my friend brought her camera. As far as point and shoot cameras go, I’ve really liked the Sony Cybershot and the Casio Exilim. Here’s a review I did of one of the Exilim’s (I’ve actually done 2) http://www.babesandkidsreview.com/2009/08/casio-exilim-review/

    So sorry about your crappy experience. I’ve heard good and bad about Kodak, but more bad so I’ve never trusted them enough to buy one of their cameras.

  3. I totally understand the camera/not having good pictures thing for important and memorable events. Speaking of which, thanks for reminding me I didn’t have a camera present when Anna was born. I was 5 weeks early unprepared!

    I didn’t realize Baby N and Andre shared the same birthday. Good grief I think you and I are twins again. 🙂

    Sorry I don’t have any recommendations of cameras. Mine is acting screwy and on the way out I think. Good luck finding one.

    • Oh no! I’m so sorry you were without a cam for Anna’s birth! Although, being 5 weeks early I’m sure you were worried about her most of all. Baby N was actually born on the 21st…those people in the hospital are total liars. But we do seem to have a lot in common zodiac wise don’t we 🙂 Peas in a pod we are lol!

  4. I use a Fuji FinePix camera. And Miss Brandy, you know the one who takes all those awesome pictures? Yeah she says it’s a great camera. So….go get one of those. I think it’s likely around or less than $100 and with it being Christmas shopping season, all the stores are doing Black Fridays early.

    PS: I’d be pissed too. You want me to try and see if I can sharpen those pics up in photoshop for you?

    • two cameras ago we had a Fuji and I remember it was pretty good! I’ll check the new models out 🙂 And thanks for the offer!! I do have PS and will see what I can do later when I’m ready to get some prints done. PS isn’t magic though and will only take a bad pic so far…poo.

      • Cool. Go check them out and hopefully you can get one for a good price. Also tweet Kodak and tell them how their shitty camera messed up your son’s birth photos. LOL

        Maybe you’ll get something from them. Couldn’t hurt, right?

  5. How frustrating! My water spontaneously broke at 35 weeks, so when I was packing our bags, I forgot a lot in the rush to get to the hospital – including a camera. All we had were cell pics of our 2nd. Thank goodness for cell phones with cameras, huh?

    My husband uses a Canon Powershot A550 that takes good photos for a p&s. I’d recommend it for a quick slip in your purse camera or one of their models like it.

    I have a Fuji S700, but inside, it wants A LOT of light to not get grainy photos unless you can get good natural light. Maybe if I could work the manual mode on it, but who has time for that with a moving kid, right? Mine is also a bit larger than my husband’s. He needed something that will fit in his uniform pocket when he travels.

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