Around the House – Kitchen Tips – How to Chop Bacon


If you’re like me, meaning you like bacon but you’re also lazy, you see all kinds of yummy recipes that call for 2 or 3 strips of bacon but your bacon is frozen in a slab of mammoth proportions and there’s no way you’re going to chisel off a tiny bit.  That slab is designated to be cooked all at once for Sunday breakfast.  Right?

Well, here’s my Kitchen Tip:

(Yes Ma, I do have a few.)

Next time you go shopping buy two packs of bacon.  Throw one in the freezer for breakfast sometime in the future and the other, well, open that bad boy up.

Stack slices of bacon three or four high and wrap them in plastic wrap and then throw them in the freezer.

About 15 minutes before you want to cook, take out a pack of your neatly stacked and wrapped bacon.  Then, here’s the best part:

Cut it up with a pair of scissors – right into your hot pot.  The high fat and salt content of bacon means that it will soften fairly quickly and cutting through it is a breeze with a pair of kitchen scissors.  This way, there’s no icky cutting board to wash, no bacon fat under your fingernails and a few minutes of saved time.

I used my bacon to make Potato and Leek soup tonight.  I’ll post the recipe for that soon and if you make it, be sure to remember this kitchen tip!



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