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A Major Deficency Around Our House

Doing these wine reviews has brought about a massive deficiency to my attention.  We are severely lacking in the wine tools department.  Specifically speaking – our corkscrew.  We have two corkscrews. See photo.

suffering for the cause

The one on the right is a handme-down from my mom and I can’t even remember how long I’ve had it for.  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it is older than I am.  Somewhere along the way, it lost an arm.  He still functions, but it’s kinda pathetic.  The one on the left was a freebie from somewhere.  I know we didn’t buy it – it might have come with a bottle of wine at some point.  It can’t open a bottle of wine, even though it looks like it should be able to.

I’ve been searching around on and drooling at the fancy ones.  I don’t think I can spend more than $50 on an opener without my brain exploding but they had some really cool ones that I’m coveting like this one – the Rabbit.

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I don’t even know how to work something like that but it looks pretty cool and much, much more sophisticated than my wounded soldier :)  They have free shipping on right now so I might have to splurge and do some shopping!


  1. I saw the Rabbit corkscrew in my Food Network magazine a few months ago (I think that was the magazine). All I can think of is the vibrator called the rabbit. I think the latter would be more fun.

  2. LOL When I saw the name “the Rabbit,” I was reminded of a gadget that does something else entirely! That looks like one heavy duty corkscrew. I think my sister has something like that.

  3. so the guys who named that ‘other product’ the Rabbit seem to have done a good job with the marketing lol

  4. My BFF loves the rabbit and she cant live without her wine. I think the rabbit also preserves the wine in some way too after opening it. She is so crazy about wine that she actually carries an extra opener in her purse for when she is out.

  5. That Rabbit one looks a lot like the one I have. I think it probably came from Costco and was a gift…but it’s awesome! I love that thing.

  6. I too thought of the vibrator named the rabbit. Man. What is with us?! Although that wine opener does look cool. I was reading someone elses blog last night and they had to use a screw driver and a hammer to get into their wine!

  7. You can buy a very efficient but far less fancy bartender’s corkscrew from the beer and wines in Calgary. I bought one for about $10 or $15 from one once.

    It is very compact with a corkscrew and lever/bottle-opener which fold away into the body, about six centimeters long.


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