And then I Laughed, Because Pharmaceuticals Were my Only Other Option…

There are days as a mom where everything about your children is sweet and full of love and you want to remember each moment in it’s exact form and detail.  And then there are days like today.

Days like this…only worse.  Much worse.

Today started out as any other day would.  Up at 5am, feed the baby, try to sleep a bit until the older child awakes at 7, feed both of them, coffee, coffee… And then it happened.

I’m walking down the hallway, past the kitchen and entering the living room.  Baby is tucked under my arm with his tummy sort of leaning on my forearm…picture a football, only it’s really a baby who is facing the same way I am but angled down about 45 degrees.   I hear it before I feel it and register what’s happened.


I stop in my tracks and think to myself ‘what was that?’ then I can feel it…as it cools on my foot.  My bare foot.

Looking down, I see frothy, chunky, curdled, white, regurgitated breast milk.  On my foot.

But not only on my foot.

Somehow, against the laws of physics and bringing into question the existence of a second spitter…I drop kicked the spit-up in mid stride.  How one can kick puke I don’t know.  But I did. Kick puke.  And that kick caused it to further project itself all across the dining room floor.  There wasn’t just a puddle to clean up…there was a spray worthy of CSI detectives with laser beams and trajectory analysis.

After cleaning up my foot, the floor and the baby I laughed about the incident with my husband because that’s all you can do – laugh.  Especially considering what I dealt with from his other end, of which, I’ll spare you the details.

Ain’t motherhood grand?



  1. You say it well: “that’s all you can do – laugh.” It’s what I did when my husband’s Valentine’s Day dinner flopped. It’s what I do when I can’t remember what I named my children. May the laughter long continue.

  2. LOL At least you haven’t had a baby spit up in your mouth. That will make you puke too. Then you have even more crap to clean up.

    PS: I now have a mental picture of spit up on my bare foot and I am getting the heebie-jeebies. Thanks for that.

  3. Ha ha ha that is too funny. Ive been there, yuck. Im still getting over those cute little arms in the picture. How you get things done is my question. Id be playing with those cute little rolls all day.

    • I was just telling my mom the other day that I feel sorry for the baby because he gets pinched and squished all day long! I just can’t help myself!

  4. ick ick ick!! I don’t do puke well. Spit up I can handle a little bit better… But still!! I don’t think I would like to feel that squishing between my toes!

  5. Lol I have been there more than my fair share of tries. Wait until that baby is 10 years old sleeping on a top bunk and just leans over to hurl down on toys, the wall, the carpet, his brother on the bottom bunk and anywhere else he could hit.

    Yep, motherhood is grand. 🙂

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