Fat Bastard Shiraz…Enough with the Whine – Bring on the Wine !

and what a bastard he is...

Why is it that whenever you crack open a bottle of wine, the baby decides he doesn’t want to go to bed?  It’s like he knows mama is about to have a moment to herself and decides he must prevent it at all costs!

Anywhoo – my mom is visiting  from BC and we decided to have an easy dinner that H loves…tacos.  When we were done my mom said ‘we forgot the wine!’ and I laughed because I didn’t think tacos were a ‘wine worthy’ dinner.  Mom says that “any meal is wine worthy, except for cereal.”  And really I should have listened because mom knows best.

Today’s bottle of Fat Bastard Shiraz by Thierry and Guy would be perfect with a nice peppery steak, or maybe a spicy Italian tomato based dish but now that I think of it…the tacos would have worked too.  Or maybe Rhea’s Chicken Fajitas would be a wonderful compliement.  With notes of dark blackberry, pepper, vanilla on the nose and a very light licorice finish, this Shiraz would compliment many a meal be it fancy or not.

From the Bottle –

It started out as an experiment Thierry had been doing in the back of his cellar, leaving a barrel ‘on the lees’ (yeast cells).  He didn’t know what to expect but when the friends tried the wine Thierry exclaimed ‘“now zat iz what you call eh phet bast-ard!” (read with strong French accent.) This very British expression  perfectly described the wine’s wonderful color and round, rich palate.  So that’s what they called it.

I love their light-hearted approach which you don’t often get with French Wines.  Mom and I both felt this was a nice smooth wine with very little acidity.  The tannins were mellow and the wine isn’t dry at all.  I like it a lot and we both agree we would pick up a bottle again.  This Fat Bastard Shiraz sells for around $15 so you can enjoy a glass without spending fat cash.  Another point on the plus side.



  1. I might have to try this just because of the name! lol
    I think there are some really fun wine names out there, I might have to go on a quest to find the funniest one.

    Glad you are having fun with your momma!

  2. LOL Babies have psychic stop mommy time powers. You know how I feel about wine, it just isn’t for me. That being said, I am dieing to try Rhea’s fajitas. I also had no idea what the title of this post was supposed to mean and thought you were just tearing some Iranian guy a new one. 🙂

  3. I’m writing all these red wines down… Maybe I’ll be nice to Adam and buy him one. And really? I think you make me sound bad. I feel like I say “this wine was great! The end” and then in walks Heather with her plethora of knowledge about wine.

  4. Wine goes great with every dinner… A fun wine that I know of is Fat Cat its yummy. My favorite wine is Svenska Red and its sold at one of the Itaca NY wineries. Its the only red that I can truly stomach. Im more of a martini girl.

  5. Fat Bastard is my favorite wine. I ordered a bottle of their Chardonnay many years ago at a restaurant because the name was funny, and I loved it! I usually have a bottle of the Chardonnay or the Shiraz in my house ready for unexpected guests, and it’s my favorite hostess gift too.

    • I liked the Shiraz so much that I will have to try out another type from their line. Chardonnay you say? I’ll give that a go!

  6. Love us some Fat Bastard here.. always have a few bottles around the house.. the Chardonnay is my very favorite. I even have the in laws trained and they bring it when they come over.. I think they like the thrill of it because of the name 🙂 It is one of the “nicest” names on the wine list at my house… we also some “Bitch” and some “menage a trois” to list a couple… MIL says “the Bitch and the Fat Bastard need one more before they can have a Menage a trois”

  7. I am pretty sure I tried this one long ago. $10 is my max price these days. Usually Gnarley Head Zin, Ravenswood Vinters Blend Zin, or Yellowtail Chard. (those are the ones I have trained hubby to remember …lol)

  8. My sister bought this for me and my dad.
    It went down the drain, worst wine I ever have tasted by far.
    It was sour, nothing else.

  9. Are you sure it is not a South African wine? I’m looking at what must be the sam wine right now, and it’s definitely from SA…


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