Tiny Dancer

Little H finished her dance classes this weekend.  It was a series of 10 and she thoroughly enjoyed them.  The last class was an open house and so we got to watch her.  She twirled and pointed her toes and ran in circles with the other girls and I got a glimpse of what she’s like when we aren’t interacting…when she’s being herself.  The self that isn’t trying to manipulate her bedtime or get her out of eating her veggies.  The self that isn’t begging for a cookie or trying to take the attention off the baby.  It was only a half hour class but it let me see who she is – who she can be.  Poised.  Goofy.  Ambitious.  Graceful. Fun loving.  Proud.

Tiny Dancer
Tiny Dancer

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  1. Aww!! She is darling!! It’s so funny to watch your kids in an environment all their own isn’t it? I got to see my kiddos “on their own” when I visited school one day (before they realized I was there). It made me smile-and I’m sure this made you smile too. It sounds like she really loves it!!

    • Yes, I sure did smile. I love watching her interacting with other kids her age. It tells me so much about who she is!

    • I never thought I’d be one to dress up a girl because as a child, I never wanted to be dressed up. I liked to play in the mud. But she seems to like it. I indulge her within reason. No make up. No high heels. No ‘skimpy’ clothes. She doesn’t seem to take it too seriously and I hope to keep it that way

  2. Lovely. This makes me wonder what my kids are like when I’m not watching (though I suspect that I heard about this last week in parent-teacher interviews).

    I probably shouldn’t tell you that I’m working on a funny post called Why I’m Not Putting My Daughter in Dance!

    • I’m looking forward to your post! While this series of classes was fun, I’m not sure I’d want an older child in dance either. At 3, it’s more about playing than it is about looks, performance and competition.

  3. aw, sweet picture. I love watching Anthony interact at Cub Scouts for this same reason. I see him be HIM. And he makes me a proud momma.

  4. Sigh, I never got my girl. She is adorable. It is amazing how they turn into different people when they are out of the house but its a way to see all of a parents hard work coming together.

  5. What a beautiful photo, and look how graceful she already looks at such a young age! My girls have gotten so much out of dance, I can’t encourage sticking out dance enough. My girls have been dancing 7 & 10 years now and just love it.

    • I’m concerned about it getting ‘pageant-y’ as they get older…are your girls required to wear makeup?

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