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Easy DIY Table Center Piece with Candles – Make it in Under 10 min

Easter came around and we were hosting dinner.  In pure Heather fashion, I realize at the very last minute that I didn’t have anything for a table center piece.   I was wishing I’d picked up some pretty tulips or something equally as fresh in feel.  Instead, I took a quick look around and laid my eyes on the colored Easter Eggs we dyed just the night before and voila, this easy to make DIY table center piece with candles came to be.  After Easter I swapped out the eggs for mandarins and now I think it’s beyond cute!  You could use lemons or limes or flowers or anything really.

lit candle center piece

To make your own DIY Table Center Piece with Candles…

You need:

  • 1 Flower Pot (make sure it’s washed out)
  • 3-5 sheets tissue paper
  • 1 short statured drinking glass
  • 3 candles
  • decoration (I used oranges / eggs)



Start with a clean flower pot.  The one pictured is about 8″ deep and 6″ in diameter.

Find a glass that fits nicely inside the pot when turned upside down.  You’ll want one with a flat, smooth bottom so you can stick your candles on.  The glass basically acts like a riser to raise the candles up high enough so you can decorate around their base.

It’s easy to stick them down, just melt the bottom so some wax drips down onto the glass and while it’s still tacky, press the base of your candle into the little wax puddle.  Hold it still for a few seconds until the wax hardens again.  Place the glass with the adhered candles inside the bottom of your flower pot.

Next, twist up some tissue paper and fill in the gap between the glass and the wall of the flower pot.  It doesn’t have to be crammed in, you just want to make sure your decorations float high enough and don’t fall down into the pot.

Now add your eggs or oranges or whatever pretty little things you have around your place.  Here is the one we used at Easter.


  1. That is really pretty and so simple! I really love both the oranges and the eggs. Great idea!

  2. Wow that is really cute and easy. Im so not crafty at all and wish I could think of things like this.

  3. Great idea, looks wonderful!

  4. That’s cute! I like it better with the eggs.

  5. So clever! I never think of crafty clever things to do.

  6. I am NOT crafty at all, and I’m pretty sure I could handle this!

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