10 DIY Mason Jar Craft Ideas

Mason Jars.  Oh, how I love em.  They bring up all these wonderful nostalgic feelings of my grandmother and family dinners.  So many delicious things came from my grandmothers mason jars.  Home made pickles, relishes, jams and more.  I can’t help but smile when I look at a mason jar so I went searching for pretty ways to incorporate them into my homes decor.  Here’s what I found


#1 – DIY Tutorial for a Mason Jar Chandelier.

Is this not the most amazing thing you’ve seen?!  I love how it casts light onto the ceiling.  I love the simple, rustic look of it.  I LOVE IT. Get the instructions.

copyright Kara Paslay

#2 – DIY Tutorial for a Mason Jar Lantern

If you’re less inclined to rig up your own electric lamps, try the old candle lit way. A Mason Jar lantern is just so sweet for outdoor summer nights. Get the Instructions

copyright chez beeperbebe

#3 -DIY Tutorial for a Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

How useful could this be?  You could put one in your bathroom, one in your kitchen, one in your entryway….they could go everywhere and keep all your stuff neat and tidy.  Get the Instructions

copyright lovelylittledetails.com


#4 – DIY Mason Jar Wall Vase Tutorial

Similar to the organizer above but utilizing a pretty little picture frame. I love how simple this is. Wouldn’t it look great in a hallway? Get Instructions

copyright Mason’s Roost



#5 – DIY Mason Jar Planters Tutorial

The possibilities for this could be endless.  You could do whatever colors and motifs suit your decor best.  Get Instructions

Copyright the CSI project


If you’d rather buy than build have a look at these Mason Jar items I found on Etsy.

#6 – Mason Jar Organizer

Available from Twigs to Whirligigs

Copyright Twigs to Whirligigs

#7 – Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Available from PostRoadVintage

copyright Post Road Vintage

#8 – Crochet Pattern Mason Jar Candle Cover

Available from Elinella

copyright ElinElla

#9 – Sewing Jam Jar w Pincushion

Available from Scallop Republic

Copyright Scallop Republic

#10 – Mason Jar Tiki Torch

Available from Storm Studios

Copyright Storm Studios



  1. I love all of those. I found a different mason jar light tutorial like the one in picture one and loved it. I am going to make Matt make it for me lol.

  2. I love this! they bring up memories of my grandmother as well, my grandparents canned everything. Im heading to the strawberry patch, already have 24 jars waiting for jam!

  3. It’s so funny you should post this – my grandma is sending boxes of mason jars home with me tomorrow. I’ve been using them for food storage and occasional canning but these ideas are great. I really like the soap dispenser – so unique!

  4. I love these ideas! They are a great way to use up the old Mason jars that have the more touchy glass. I’m going to sic my husband on the chandelier for sure LOL

  5. All very cool ideas for the home! I just may try some of this at our little homestead. Will probably be using all the new ones for the garden, but I have a few vintage that would be perfect for these ideas! Thanks!

  6. Love mason jars! A few years ago I had 50 and filled them 1/4 of the way with little pebbles and put a candle in the middle. They lined our drive for the perfect summer party!

  7. These are great finds Heather! I’m def going to have to write up a post linking to this cause this brought back some great memories.

  8. That chandelier is beautiful. It would look great on a old country, screened-in porch! The crochet candle thingies are really cute too. I didn’t know you had a mason jar fetish… lol… uh, love. 🙂

  9. Oh wow! I love these ideas, I popped over to see what you meant about photo attribution and I’m so glad I did!
    I have about 100 antique mason jars all shapes, sizes and colors, how fun to use some of them in ways like this!

  10. I love them all! We use mason jars a lot around our house for storing different beans, grains and nuts in (yeah, were pretty hippy around here) but these images are much prettier than what we use them for. I may have to try some of them some day.

  11. It’s all about Mason Jars. From now on. You are my guide. I, your grovelling supplicant.

    I can’t wait to get started! Thanks for posting this terrific site.


  12. My wife is gaga over mason jars. She can’t stop buying them whenever she is at a swap meet or antique store. I don’t knwo what to do with all of them! Thanks for the ideas. Any more?


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