What a Girl’s Gotta Do

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it much here but the Hubs is in university right now.  He’s almost done – we’re in the home stretch.  But this means that between his full time job and school we sometimes don’t see him very much.  When he does get a day off Little H demands his attention…his full attention.  She really misses her daddy.

A bit of back story – We had gotten her a plastic watch which she never wears because she doesn’t like the feel of the plastic on her skin.  Who does right? It gets hot and just feels gross.  She always asks me to take it off after wearing it for ohhhh 30 seconds.

This brings us to yesterday where Hubs was home from work but had to spend a good part of the day working on his final paper for one of his courses.  Little H knew he was home.  She knew he had to do homework.  She knew this meant she couldn’t play with him.

She did not like that.

And so, this scene played out before us:


Hubs was taking a break and was in the kitchen getting a drink.  Little H was in her bedroom and called to him…

“Daddy!  Can you help me with this?”

“With what sweetie?”

“With my Thomas the Train watch.  I can’t put it on by myself.”

“Of course I can!”  (you can almost hear the super hero music playing in his head duh duh da daaaa!  Daddy to the rescue!)

He fiddles with the watch for a bit and I hear “There you go.  What a nice watch you have.  Ok, I have to go back to finish my homework now sweetie.”

“But Daddy…my watch HURTS ME!  Waaaaahhhh ahahahahahaaaaaaa”

Let the crocodile tears roll.


I’m scared here people.  Not only did she feign injury and produce tears for the benefit of getting her dad’s attention…but she also concocted a scheme that made it appear that he had caused said injury with the faulty application of a plastic watch.    She had this all organized in her little mind ahead of time too and waited for the perfect time to unleash her plan.  Am I raising a super villain here?  Or a soap opera matriarch who manipulates everyone in her life?


Good lord.  What a little girl would do just to have some hug time with her daddy…

I’m so screwed for the teenage years aren’t I??






  1. First: it doesn’t matter. She’s so cute, he probably melts no matter what looking into her eyes.

    Second: My son has a Timex watch with a velcro strap that he LOVES. He has some minor sensory stuff but he will wear this watch all day.

    • yeah, we’ll have to look at getting her an actual watch…the one she has was a souvenir from day out with Thomas and it’s mostly just for fun

  2. Yep, you’re screwed. Ro does the same thing. She loves her daddy. She thinks he hung the moon. Last night, she was asleep before daddy got home from work. She woke up in the middle of the night and was soon crying hysterically because daddy didn’t give her a kiss before he went to bed.

    We are BOTH screwed in their teen years.

  3. You are in for it. We had three daughters, all of whom could produce tears at the drop of a hat. And all of those tears made Daddy like putty in their hands.

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