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Let me start this post by saying how hard it is to find fresh fish in Calgary.  It doesn’t make sense – we’re a short, hour long flight from the ocean…we should be able to find high quality fish here.  Anyway, I’m not a huge seafood eater.  I like salmon and I like halibut and I like crab in small amounts but it’s so healthy and easy to make that I do wish we could have it once a week.

While we were on the west coast we scarfed up as much as we could and it was so amazing.


We ate dinner (sans kids!) at the Blackfin Pub in Comox (known locally as ‘The Fin”)


This was our appetizer – bacon wrapped scallops.  They were freakin amazing.  I don’t know how to even put into words how good they were.  *drooooool*  Just look at em, makes me want to lick my screen.

Both of us had Halibut fish and chips as our entree and again, I’m at a loss for words.  We don’t have a pic to share because we dove in too fast.  The fish was so fresh, and so firm and soooo good.  Makes me regret all those times I ate fish and chips in Calgary.  There was no comparison.

This was the view from the patio where we sat.  Heaven.

On our last (or was it second to last?) day we were craving Halibut again and were still thinking about our meal at the Fin.  We just couldn’t leave town without another bite but instead of going back for more of the same we decided to try our luck at a little roadside place called Porch’s.  We both had the Halibut burger and the husband said he liked it better than the fish we had at the pub.  I didn’t quite agree – they were both good but for different reasons.  It was a piece of battered fish on a soft, fluffy white bun with lettuce and pickles and dill aioli (they called it tartar sauce but it was far from plain ol tartar.)  We sat seaside again to eat…there’s something serene about noshing fish beside the ocean it was plucked from.

This last photo is from a lunch we had at the Filberg Festival.  The Filberg is an annual festival that has morphed over the years from a craft show to an all out, no holds barred, music and artisan bonanza.  I hope to do a post on some of the pretty things we saw there soon.  They had the usual ‘event’ type foods but this being Vancouver Island meant that we found something unique, fresh and healthy on site too.  We had lunch from the Farm’s Gate catering truck and at $10 a plate it was a deal to be had.  Below is a shot of my pick – a salmon kabob, red quinoa salad and a zucchini / pea salad.  The salmon had a bit of spice to it but not too much, the quinoa had golden raisins and sunflower seeds and it was so delish.  MMMMmmmmm.

In addition to all this amazing food we had out and about town, my parents made some knock out dishes too.  My mom and my dad cooked fish, roast beef and pork tenderloin on the bbq.  Oh and my sister and I even cooked – chicken in white wine sauce with roasted local baby potatoes and carrots.  We ate amazingly well and for this, I feel very blessed.

Writing this post made me hungry.  Have you eaten anything fab this summer?



  1. Your pictures are beautiful and I’m glad you had so much fun eating fabulous food! I don’t do seafood so I think I would have starved. lol

    • I don’t do ‘real’ seafood. scallops and crab are as crazy as I get and even then…my scallops are usually wrapped in bacon and I’d never order a crab in the shell (ew!)

  2. Oh yum! I am drooling right now. If I ever get back out west to see my Dad I’ll check out “The Fin” I drive through Comox on my way to their place on Quadra Island.

  3. Great photos. I have never liked seafood and still try it to this day, I just turned 31. It isn’t the flavor, but texture with me. Looks like a great trip!

  4. I haven’t really had any absolutely wonderful meals this summer, but I did have one really horrific one that you probably read about on Rhea’s site. Those scallops do look amazing and I am so glad you had a great time and got to experience some yummy food.

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