Look Ma! SPLAT

a boy and his mama

The boy is 10 months old now.  TEN.  I can’t believe he’s almost a year old already.  He’s at that cute yet totally annoying stage where he’s old enough to understand a great deal of what we say – yet can’t really communicate back to us so he’s perpetually frustrated by life.  Add this to the fact that he has a big sister who he absolutely adores and wants to emulate and we have a recipe for disaster here people.

And by disaster I mean holy crap my floors. Sticky?  Yes.  Crunchy? Yes.  Furry?  That too.

The boy wants to learn to use a spoon and feed himself with it.  Great.  I’m all for a little independence around here.  If only we could convince the 4 year old to wipe her own arse we’d be making progress.  But yeah, the little dude screamed and screamed and yes, screamed at me at dinner today where I was holding the spoonful of baby oatmeal and trying to avoid his pudgy hands like a blimp trying to avoid King Kong and finally I just snapped and put the bowl in front of him and gave him the spoon.

He looked at me with an expression that said ‘holy crap, I can’t believe you gave in to that‘.  Then his wee face lit up and he started digging around in his bowl with the spoon and he put it in his mouth and grinned a huge grin.  He was so proud of himself.  Then he held the spoon out to show me as if to say ‘see mom, I told you I can do it!

I reveled in this small moment of baby joy.  Then I looked down at the floor under his chair.

I sighed a heavy sigh and realized that many of the moments of happiness end up as smudges and dirt and small bits left behind. That’s ok, and I’m pretty flexible with my standards of cleanliness around here.  I want happy kids before I want a clean house.

But there comes a time when enough is enough and OMG if I stick to the floor one more time I might just lose my marbles!

I decided I wanted to get someone in to do some cleaning around here because I was obviously failing in that department.  I stalked the daily group buying sites (Teambuy.ca is my newest obsession) and I fantasized about maids in frilly aprons buzzing around as I played with my kids in the park next door.  And then I saw it.  The deal of a lifetime.  I could get someone in this house to clean for $39 bucks!  Seriously.  I bought it without looking back and can’t wait to schedule them in!  My husband is going to have a week off coming up so we’re going to do some de-cluttering and get the house fit for someone to come in and clean clean CLEAN!

I’m giddy over it.  It makes me feel all fancy just thinking of it.  Tell me to calm down mkay?






*teambuy gave me some teambucks to try out their site.  They didn’t make me write this and the opinions are all mine, baby.





  1. I remember those days… I do want to say… that when I remember back I only remember the mess of it all when reminded… other times I remember the look on my childrens faces and the feelings. 10 months is the perfect time to teach a little one a few signs in sign language.. really gives them a chance to start communicating and helps with the frustration all the way around.

    • oh, I’m sure I’ll have forgotten all about it in time…but for now, with the mess staring me in the face day in and day out…it’s very real!

  2. Hey, when they are done over there, send them over here lol. I could sure use a little help around the house as well. I can’t believe how big and absolutely adorable he is by the way!

    • that’s the PERFECT description for it! And cleaning the floor three times a day (sometimes four if he has a snack) is getting old real fast

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