Upcycling a Baby Gate

We have babies.  That means we have baby gates.  And boy do they take abuse!  They’re climbed on, yanked around, pushed, tugged – you name it.  We had one at the top of the stairs to our front landing that finally bit the dust.  It just came apart and once it did, I didn’t feel good about fixing it.  We need to buy a new baby gate.

The dead gate inspired an up-cycle project however because all it takes is a 90 degree turn and voila – it is absolutely perfect to use as a magazine rack.


Step 1 – Obtain half a broken baby gate.  The one I used for upcycling here was a top of the stairs variety in wood.  This is obvious, but you need one with slats and not one with plasticy mesh.  I left the hardware on it because it acts as a standoff if you will to keep the rack away from the wall enough for the magazines to hang on it.

Step 2 – Get on with the upcycling and paint it.  I used an acrylic enamel craft paint in an off white color.  I slapped on two coats and it looked good.  I didn’t sand in between or get fancy but you could distress it or whatever you like.


Step 3 – Hang it up!  I used a standard picture hook to attach it to the wall.  You might need to get creative depending on your gate.

Step 4 – Enjoy having an upcycled magazine rack to hang all your print magazines on!  You still read those right?




  1. Great idea! Wish you could do something with the ugly plastic ones too. Looks like something that would be featured in Real Simple magazine for their alternate uses section.

  2. I looked at this earlier this week & could have sworn I commented. Obviously, I was wrong! Anyways, I think this is so cool. I see ways to upcycle cribs all the time, but never baby gates. Great job!


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