a $40 Solution to Small Space Blues

I wrote before about how we madeover our living room to fit a desk area and now that the room is split in two sections, it’s not exactly small, but it’s not large enough for big square end tables to work well either.  I wanted a small, round side table to fit beside one of our chairs and I did not want to spend the earth.  Ever try to find a decent table for under $100 bucks?  It’s pretty impossible.

What I did find was a $20 plant stand and a cute $20 bamboo lazy susan.  Put the two together and voila!  A perfectly small, round end table that doesn’t break the bank.  It was easy to do because my plant stand had holes in the top…if you had one without a hole you’d have to drill or punch a hole to attach a lazy susan.  I just unscrewed the base of the lazy susan and then sandwiched the plant stand between the two pieces and screwed the screw back in.  Easy





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