Not so Charlie Brown Chevron Stripes

When I first started seeing Chevron Stripes pop up in home decor magazines and websites I was a little less than impressed.

Charlie Brown anyone?


I take back my indifference, my yawns, my snickers.  Chevron stripes are turning up in some very sophisticated ways.  Gentle paint treatments, beautiful textiles and custom art pieces are bringing the Chevron stripe to a place where I’m considering having them in my home.  Charlie brown no more!  Look at this gorgeous paint treatment.  This is beautiful on a dresser but I could see it done on a headboard, book case or armoir.

Chevron Stripe Paint Treatment DIY Tutorial

photo copyright: A Step in the Journey

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Deconstructed Chevron Throw Pillow

If a whole paint treatment is a bit much for you, if you’d like just a touch of the pattern and not so much stripe then consider a throw pillow for your favorite chair.  I love how this pillow brings the motif to a different place. Same great principle, much different application.

Photo copyright: Plytextiles

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Chevron Stripe Art Piece

Feeling a little non-commital?  Painting a canvas with Chevron means you can move it or paint over it really easily when you’re ready for a change.  This looks great on a mantle but would work just as well above a couch or as a headboard.  Looks like a fun project!

photo copyright: me oh my mama

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Chevron Stripe Accent Wall Paint Tutorial

I STILL have a blank ‘accent’ wall in my living room.  I’d been looking for wall papers but didn’t find anything I was in love with (or that I could afford.)  I LOVE the look of this paint treatment so so so so much.  I love how the lines intersect the stripes – it gives it a whole new dimension.  Now, if only someone would come and do this for me.  I’m a little mathmatically challenged and I fear attempting to do this might make me insane.  Maybe you could try and let me know how difficult it was?  I can dream right?? So pretty!!

photo copyright: Easter Avenue Co

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I hope you’ve been able to nix the Charlie Brown image from your mind.  These stripes are so much more sophisticated than the awkwardly bald grade schooler ever was.  What do you think?  Would you use these in your home?



  1. If you stay two whole chevrons back from the vehicle in front of you in Ontario on Hwy 401, you’ll be able to stop or avert danger in time! LOL

    I like it on the dresser, but am not sure I’d like it on my walls.

  2. It’s funny, all this talk about chevrons and nobody until now talked about Charlie Brown …… at least from what I’ve seen. I think chevrons have a place, it’s cool to see when its done right. Nice post.

  3. I really LOVE the chevron trend. Our bedroom is light gray and I would love to put two dark gray chevron stripes across one wall. I never made the Charlie Brown connection until now though!

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