Another Birdie Cage Idea for the Less Electrically Inclined

This is a Guest Post from Amanda who writes about military life and parenting autistic boys.


When I saw Heather’s post about making a lamp out of a decorative birdcage during her living room make over I had an idea myself. I have two decorative birdcages that I bought several years, yes years, ago that I really loved, but had no idea what I was going to do with them. My husband even asked me when we were moving if we were keeping the cages since I hadn’t done anything with them yet. I just couldn’t part with them.

Light bulb (in my best Gru voice).

I’ll take Heather’s tutorial, and make my own hanging lamps. Then I went in search of paper because like Heather, I wasn’t a fan of the idea of a bare bulb. I found some really pretty scrapbooking paper that might work, but nothing I loved. Nothing that screamed, “Take me home! Me! Me! Me!” So I left and went next door to Target.

I don’t even know how I ended up in the candle section. I usually avoid it like the plague since the different scents usually give me a stuffy nose, can set me off sneezing, and sometimes if I’m extra lucky, trigger a migraine. But, in the candle aisle I was that evening. That’s where I found the coolest thing ever (it’s the little things, people).

Remote control flameless candlesNot only did they have a remote control, but they operate on a timer too – bonus!

Light bulb!

These would be awesome in the cages hanging from the ceiling! They only had one set in the store, so I had to order another online. I couldn’t wait for the UPS man to bring the second set of candles! Here is the result:

I think Amanda did a great job!  I love the idea of remote candles – what a perfect application for them.  Whoot Amanda!



  1. That’s wonderful! Oh my goodness, now I’m going to be looking for the perfect bird cage and the remote control candles … I have just the spot for that. Gorgeous. Thanks Heather AND Amanda!

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