The Holiday Cocktail: A Canadian Twist That Changes Everything

Here’s a fun initiative from Brookfield Homes who has teamed up with Interior Designer Aly Velji to give us some fun and easy holiday decorating ideas for the season.  There are four design looks in four Brookfield showhomes and an original cocktail to go with each. You can watch all the videos to see all their tips.

My fave is the Silver Sophisticate combo.  I ADORE the idea of putting wrapping paper on your dinner table.  I think it’s super practical, inexpensive and something anyone can do.  I also love the oversize bowl of ornaments they placed on the island.

Alloy Dining created an incredible sounding cocktail to go with the Sophisticate look and I can’t wait to give it a try.  Maple Syrup and Spiced Rum?  YUM! 

Alloy’s Holiday Cocktail Recipe

The Silver Sophisticate
1 oz. Maple Syrup
3 oz. Whipping Cream
1 oz. Spiced Rum,
1 oz. St. Germain Liqueur
3 oz. Cider
Mix maple syrup with whipping cream and shake
with ice for about 1 minute. Add spiced rum and
St. Germain Liqueur. Combine with cider
in martini glass, double strain
cream on top slowly.

Here’s the video for the Silver Sophisticate look – watch for the wrapping paper idea.




  1. Hi Heather, thanks for the great writeup on our contest. We are super excited and blessed to be partnering with Aly and all these restaurants to bring some holiday decor and cocktail tips to Calgarians. We hope your readers enjoy them.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Im still not sure on maple syrup in my cocktail but my friend has tried it and said it was amazing. Her maple syrup was also pulled fresh from the tree as well. This drink is one of her favs now.

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