At Least there was a Bacon Wrapped Bright Side



I decided to make meatloaf.

I’d never made meatloaf before but I knew one thing going in;  I was gonna wrap that bitch in bacon.  Oh yeah baby.

I mix up the meat with some onion, celery, carrots, egg, worstershire, bbq sauce, and bread crumbs and form it all into a loaf shape on a baking tray.  “Shoulda put tinfoil over that pan,” I thought to myself.  Oh well.  There’s no going back now.

The bacon goes on and the loaf goes in the oven at 350F for an hour.


I hear the timer going and take a peek at it.  It’s looking good – but the bacon isn’t really ‘crisp’ and I didn’t wrap that bitch in bacon to have it wiggly and gross…I wanted a loaf wrapped in yummy, crispy bacon.  I can see that there’s some fat on my pan and it’s getting kinda burnt but it’s no big deal. It won’t affect the loaf.  I still have to make some rice and peas to go with it so I crank up the heat to 425F so the bacon can crisp up while I’m doing that.

10 min and I peek again.  It’s working, the bacon is getting crispy…fire alarm goes off.

I know the pan is getting torched but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make for bacon glory.  I yank the battery out of the fire alarm and check the rice.  It’s nearly done now.  I want to let my loaf rest and set up a bit before slicing it so it doesn’t fall apart.  I open the oven door and yeah, it’s a bit smoky but nothing I’d never seen before.  I grab my pan and start to take the loaf out.

Woah, there’s a bit more fat on there than I’d realized and the pan had warped a bit and I had to be pretty careful not to spill it all.

I get the pan out and onto the counter and realize the pan is toast.  Like majorly dead.


The meatloaf looks amazing though and it’s all I can do to keep from yanking that delicious bacon off the top.



Rice is done. Check.  Peas done. Check. Kids served. Check. Rob won’t be home until late so I don’t have to worry about him. I serve myself and wonder how I can multitask something while I’m eating – I’m smart like that.  Aha.  I can set the oven to self clean because – whoa, it’s kind of a nightmare in there.

I hit the ‘magic’ button, hear the lock engage and all is good.  Wait…F I R E !!!!  There’s fire in my oven!

I stay calm.  It’s just a grease fire right?  You’re just supposed to throw baking soda on that right?

I turn off the oven and grab the box of soda and reach for the oven door – bracing myself.  It’s kind of a large flame.  I yank.

Nothing.  It’s still locked.  There’s smoke now, I yank again and nothing and for shits and giggles I yank again and nada.  It’s too hot I guess and the oven won’t open it if it’s that hot.

I think “Oh my shit, I’m going to have to call 911!” And then the flames get smaller and it goes out.  Just like that.

I stop my adrenaline rush, shrug and sit down to eat after opening up the windows.

It’s freaking delicious.  I made an awesome meatloaf.  Never mind how I ruined a pan, nearly burnt down the house and have an oven full of bacon grease to clean up.

Never mind all that.

I rock this stayin at home gig.

Rock. It. Hard.

UPDATE: I found a solution to the grease problem and posted the bacon wrapped meatloaf recipe. Enjoy.



  1. That is some mighty fine looking meatloaf.. never would have thought to wrap one in bacon.. great idea.. looks to be worth a pan… glad the fire put itself out 🙂

  2. OMGOsh!!! As soon as I read “cranked to 425” I started laughing and Bob had to ask me “whats so funny?” LMAO!!

    I’m glad you had a delicious meatloaf. I make them all the time…my boys LOVE them. But I’ve never made them wrapped in bacon! I guess I must try it, only I hope I don’t burn down my kitchen. 😀

  3. Mmmmmm, yummy! Although it looks like you’ll need tin foil next time. 🙂

    I do the same with our turkey, and I haven’t quite decided if the turkey tastes better with bacon, or the bacon tastes better because of the turkey! 😀

    Katie =^..^=

  4. Oh Heather! Hilarious story! I can tell you as a former 911 operator, we had a few of those calls…

    I do love your writing and hope we can entice you to contribute to Delish some time…our readers need you!

  5. This looks delicious. And I kind of want to try it (especially since we make homemade bacon, yummy!), but I don’t want to potentially burn down my house. 😛

  6. I laughed so hard! These things happen to me and I thought I was the only one! Glad you didn’t burn your house down!

  7. You are hilarious, and Yes – You are Totally Rocking the staying at home gig. I’m so happy I found your blog – recommended of course by a crazy good source – and I wholeheartedly agree. You’re one to watch! I love your writing and will be back frequently. Thanks.

  8. There isn’t a fireman in the world who, when faced with the reply “but… it was all for the bacon.” who wouldn’t just nod sagely and understand.
    Damn that meatloaf looked good!

  9. Okay, so you ruined a pan. No biggie, it happens.

    But the fire!! OH MY– how did I miss this story??

    Glad everyone is okay and you did NOT need to call the Fire Dept…. though firemen are HOT… I may have called anyhow…just sayin’

  10. Okay so I was Stumbling around and came across your fabulous site. I was immediately accosted by your “Like Me On Facebook” box, but I pushed forward curious to see what I’d find. […]I’d never made meatloaf before but I knew one thing going in; I was gonna wrap that bitch in bacon. Oh yeah baby.{…] After reading that sentence I don’t just like you… I love you! lol.
    You’re hilarious girl. Lovin’ the blog.
    …from your new fans over at We Got Kidz 😉


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