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Operation Pretty Pantry – #1

We have a  small kitchen and there’s not much about it that functions well.  Since I got my new stand mixer, I’ve been baking all our bread and using pantry staples like flour, oats, sugar and such quite often.  I had all those items in a lower corner cabinet and they were really awkward to access.  Instead I wanted to have those items out for easy access and I wanted nice, large canisters I could fit my 1 cup measure into easily.

I was on a mission.

Over a few weeks I picked up glass canisters wherever I could find them.  I now have a nice mix of plain glass, frosted glass and some with stainless steel lids. I wanted them to have a cohesive look without all being the same.  I decided painting labels on them was the answer and I’m so happy with how they turned out.


This was pretty easy.  I found a stencil set and paint, both by Martha Stewart, that would do the job and so I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel.  The stencils were self adhesive so I just picked out my words and stuck them on the glass.  I didn’t measure or anything – I just eyeballed and I think the result looks homey and a bit vintage which I really like.


I found little foam toppers for the paint which made it really mess free and I managed to do about 8 glass canisters over the course of the day.  I painted while the kids were eating lunch and again while the baby napped and it didn’t take much time at all.  It was just like using a bingo dabber!  If something didn’t come out how I liked it the paint just wiped off easily with a damp paper towel.

I kept some of the words on the small canisters sort of generic so I could put anything inside of them…I have one that says ‘YUM!’ and one that says ‘Nuts!’ and I left a few blank – I might customize them later if I so desire.  I’m quite pleased with how it looks and I have another post in mind that shows my over all solution so stay tuned for that coming up.

If you want to do this project you’ll need:

  • A Selection of Glass canisters
  • A High Gloss Paint made for Glass
  • Self Adhesive stencils
  • A foam dabber or stencil brush




  1. Kim @ Whats That Smell? says:

    Very cool idea! I love the jars too.

  2. LOVE it! What a good idea. Much prettier than my lame and old Tupperwares.

  3. I really like this idea too!

    I already have glass canisters, so I guess I just need paint & stencils!


  4. Love the look, and color you chose for the paint!

    • thanks! the green actually goes with our counter *sigh* It looks cute on the cannisters but not so much on the counter tops!

  5. Those look great! I’ve been in the same boat with making our own bread, but just hoping it’ll change after we move.

  6. That rocks! I wish my pantry looked like that! So when can I schedule you to come make mine over. :)

  7. Love it. These would mix in well with the few I have that are actually old.

  8. Your jars look great and I love your ingenuity! I wish I could think like that! For a while, I was given the Scouts popcorn tubs as gifts. I didn’t want to through out the containers cause they are so pretty. One day, when I was also looking for a better idea for flour and sugar (conventional canisters are just way too small for me), I had the idea to use those cans. They are already decorated (for seriously artistically challenged me), the lids are different colours so my poor brain was easily taught to think ‘red’ for sugar and ‘black’ for flour (LOL) and they look great on my counter (I think I finally have a house with a decent amount of counter space, so am able to keep them there. I thought I was being pretty crafty with my idea! I wish I would have thought of yours instead! :)

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