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Wine Humour

Thought I’d round up some wine related humor from SomeECards….enjoy and have a glass while you giggle :) - A good man can make you feel sexy, strong, and able to take on the whole world, oh wait, sorry...that's wine, wine does that. - - I find that all children go better with a bottle of wine or two. - ...and a cup for Mommy so she won't have to drink straight from her wine box.


There you go!  Some wine humor for the times you just need a good laugh!


  1. Thanks for the afternoon laugh! Love these.

    In my parents’ household, we use a spoonerism to refer to wine: a wottle of bine. This thanks to a rather inebriated uncle who asked if he should open another “wottle of bine.”

  2. LOL I love the “wine flu” excuse…

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