1. Too hilariously funny! Went back and saw all of them. Monkey fart soup – L really was OL for that. Brings back fun memories of when my babies were, well, babies… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey Heather,

    I love these little photo boxes you do. The funniest thing is knowing they are true, because I know kids (my nieces and nephews) who would say or do exactly the same thing.

    I sent you an e-mail a while back; don’t know if you got it as my e-mail address changed. The current one is in the e-mail box above.

    • Hi Crag!

      Thanks for the compliment on the series – these are sure fun to do. I did get your email and I will respond…sorry I’m so slow!! Email is getting away from me these days but I do appreciate you dropping me a line!

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