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Rose Sen Crafts 100th Birthday Cake for Oreo

Today I met Calgary’s amazing and talented Rose Sen who crafted the birthday cake for the 100th Celebration of Oreo.  Rose is incredibly passionate about what she does and revels in not only the creative side of cake making but in the technical side too.  This particular design is chocolate cake and chocolate ganache on the inside with two types of fondant, gum paste and modeling chocolate on the outside.  Of course there are a few Oreo cookies in there too.  It took Rose and a team of helpers (she credits former SAIT alum and friends Jackie and Kim for much help and support) upwards of a month of planning and sculpting before putting the cake together over a period of two days.


Rose teaches cake decorating at SAIT and the Oreo cake will be on display there until the end of the week.  If you can make it down to see it I would do it while you can.  Looking at all those tiny pieces up close was really something and you will be amazed at how much detail they were able to portray through the medium of cake!  Happy Birthday Oreo, I hope there will be many more.  It’s not everyday you can celebrate the birth of an icon!  To see the other cakes from across Canada check out my facebook page.


  1. Now that is just cool. I want a couple of these!

  2. That is one amazing cake! I have made a few fondant cakes and thought they were good, but they look like child’s play next to that LOL.

  3. That’s really cool! I find fondant really intimidating.

  4. Oh my gosh, that is SO cute!!

  5. That is freaking amazing! I want SO badly to take a cake decorating class and learn to do these. They are so fabulous.

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