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Mom VS Kids Episode 6



  1. Ha! Haha! Hahahahahahaaaa… My daughter used black sharpie.

  2. Mom vs. Kids is hilarious! Keep ’em coming!

  3. Love this one! :)

  4. This might be my favourite… You should see what my rec room looks like. I have a whole family of stick people drawn at about shoulder level for Lauren. She tried to blame Jillian. Good times.

  5. LMAO You got SERVED!

    PS: Wait until she figures out how to get paint on the CEILING and no where else. THAT one will make your brain itch. Mine did. 😀

  6. Live and learn. From your little ones.

  7. Bahahaa!! That is too funny. well, not really…but the way you posted this was.

  8. I bet she was VERY quiet when she did this…. STINKER!

  9. LOL I have definitely seen my fair share of children’s artwork on the walls and furniture. Luckily we are past that stage now.

  10. A couple days ago, I caught mine just as she started to furiously scribble on my top step. Then she cried when I washed it off. Ugh.

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