Grass and High School Kids….

Alright I’m not talking about THAT kind of grass here.  The fact that some high school kids would even think about any other kind of grass is sort of outstanding to me.  So when Niharka, Jerry, Magdalena, Benny, Ivy and Hunter emailed me to ask if I would share their video about Alberta’s Fescue Grasslands it really stood out for me.  Not only did their email read better than many pitches I receive from ‘professional’ PR reps, but after watching the video I knew I had to share it.  Their message was about an issue that I had no education on…and I’m betting many of you have no education on it either.  Time to learn people.  Com’mon, it won’t hurt.


Here’s their email:


Dear Heather,

We are six high school students, committed to protecting wildlife in Alberta by educating people about the ecosystem they live in. It is our goal to spread awareness about the current state of our province’s wildlife to everyone in Calgary, and if it would be possible, we would quite appreciate your help.
Your blog, Home to Heather, has a very significant following here in Calgary, and could be instrumental in helping us achieve this objective. Take a look at our informational video on Alberta’s native grasslands (, and if you would be able to post it on your website, it would go a long way to helping us and our natural environment coexist peacefully.
Thank you very much for your time,
And the video.  Check it out.  Share it.  Be informed.





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