The Day I Thew My Shoes Away

About two months ago, we were packing up before our move. We got to the front hall closet and hubs held up a pair of shoes. “You want to pack or toss em?”, he asked.

They were black Naturalizer loafers. I had to put these weird little insoles into them so they’d fit properly.

“Toss em.”

Another pair were held up.

“Toss em.”

Another – Brown things I hadn’t worn in ages.


And it went on like this until all I had left were my Cowboy boots (when you live in Calgary you have a pair of Cowboy boots and they come in handy at Stampede time) a pair of heels I wear sometimes if I don’t have to do much walking, my winter boots and three pairs of Naots.

That’s it.

That’s IT!

And I’m not even concerned about it. Last time I went shopping, I got these ‘Be Ready‘ shoes from Naot and they are an all purpose shoe that I can wear pretty much anywhere and with anything. These are  now my go to shoe. I wear these on marathon Ikea shops, on trips around the mall, through Heritage park and around the grocery store. They’ve never let me down and I’ve never gotten a blister.

I have a pair of ‘fancy’ red shoes that I wear if my jeans need some dressing up and they are just as comfy as my flats. They’re my ‘special occasion’ shoe and look great with dress clothes too.

And then there are my sandals from last year which are still in really awesome shape. I really don’t think I need anything else? And I can’t be bothered to spend money on any more shoes that hurt me. I don’t care if pointy toe heels in rainbow colors are only $39. They all hurt me. I once bought a pair of ‘good’ heels on sale because a friend told me I had to have them. I walked three blocks in them and had blisters 5 inches wide across both balls of my feet. No word of a lie. It was absolutely horrible! I won’t do it anymore and I won’t waste money on garbage shoes anymore either.

So they all went in the trash and I was happy to wave ‘bye bye’ as they went. Now I’m a woman with 6 pairs of shoes (including winter boots) and that’s kind of a crazy thing. I mean, do you know ANY women with only 6 pairs of shoes?

Now that we are FINALLY starting to see the sun, I might look for a pair of flip flops just to have a choice when it comes to a sandal. Naot has just come out with these and I think they’re super cute.  Ahem.  Excuse me while I run out shopping!









*Naot has provided me with shoes to try out.  But that’s not why I love them.  I love them because they truly are the best shoes I’ve ever worn.



  1. Six pair of shoes? That’s one week for me. No, that’s four days… 😀
    There are good heels out there, I have lots of very comfortable heels, some 4″ high. But I’ve worn them regularly for 30+ years, so I guess you get used to them. But where do you get Naots? Because I can never find flats that I feel good in. Except sneakers of course. (and I own exactly zero pairs of cowboy boots, despite being Calgarian)

    • It’s unbelievable that you don’t own Cowboy boots Julie!

      The Naot store is really close to you at Heritage park. It’s located in the Glenmore Landing shopping center.

  2. I’ve got four pair of shoes, if you count houseshoes. Boots, flip flops, tennis shoes. OH, I do have a pair of dress shoes in the closet. Haven’t worn them in a long time. Five pairs of shoes.

  3. I have just 5 pairs! Including a pair of hiking boots. Although I will hopefully soon have a pair of cowboy boots, even though I don’t live in Calgary.

    • I’ve had my boots since college…they hold some sentimental value for me. I’ve not worn them in ages!

  4. I discovered NAOT shoes 11 years ago. Although I don’t still have my first (or second) pair, I now own 14 pair of sandals, clogs and shoes. I love them and can wear them without custom orthotics (which I must wear if I don’t wear NAOT) I have also been very lucky and have sometimes found them at Winners

  5. I only have FOUR pairs of shoes. I have 4 pairs of dress boots, but they don’t count. Plus, I’m obsessed with knee-high boots. Don’t ask. I even have a pair that are impossibly high-heeled but look like the knee-high Doc Marten’s. They are fabulous, but only really for “show” as walking in them will cause me to break a hip!

  6. so the really cute ones you were going to go out and buy – with the elastic…wondering if you got them – i tried a pair on and they feel pretty good but thought the elastic might be a little uncomfortable after wearing for awhile?

    • mine don’t have much elastic on them – they are mostly leather. The leather will stretch out a bit so there’s that to keep in mind. I’ve worn all my pairs for hours on end and haven’t had any issue.

  7. I also love Naot shoes. My favorite are a pair of Sandals, I bought a few years ago called Ipenema. Most comfortable shoe I have ever had…can walk for hours in them. Sadly they have discontinued that make. I can only hope they will bring them back. For now I treat the ones I have like gold.


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