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Kraft First Taste – Sponsored Advertorial



If you’ve been here a while you’ve heard me rant about the state of processed foods these days.  We look to the manufacturers to step up their game and make things better and many of them are.  But what can we do to make sure our voices are heard?  Often, it’s tough to interact with brands and short of tweeting at them or sending a letter to their comments department it seems an impossible task.

Bring in Kraft First Taste.  They’ve developed a brand new social network for the foodie community.  Not only can you get free recipes and chat with fellow food enthusiasts but you can also comment on the individual products.  What a great way to speak your mind, in a space with like minded individuals and hopefully make a difference.

The more you interact, the more you’re rewarded with badges and points you can redeem for coupons and rewards. Check it out.

Also from Kraft Canada is a new Recipes by Email program where you can simply sign up to get great recipes in your inbox.  If you’re like me and struggling with your menu planning then fresh ideas for dishes will help you out.  It’s totally free so register now and start getting a hand up on your meal plan.