The Easiest, Fastest Christmas DIY Craft Idea Ever – NO GLUE!

I bought these Styrofoam tree shapes and knew they would be great on our kitchen island.  I wandered around and around to find something to put on them when I saw this knubbly yarn.  It had a nice texture and as luck would have it, it clung nicely to the form without glue!  Score!  I picked up some red beads and bobbles and Bob’s yer uncle – A Super Easy Christmas Craft was born.


All I did was wrap the yarn around the form, tucking the end under the bottom. Then I strung the beads on a thread, which blended in with the color of the yarn, and wrapped them around – also tucking the ends in.


Then I pulled the plastic end off of this Christmas ball and pushed it right down into the Styrofoam to top it all off.  It hides the end of the yarn and keeps the whole thing held together.



Now, because these aren’t glued down they are best out of reach of little hands.  They look great on my kitchen island and only took a few minutes to put together.  Also, because they aren’t glued, I can yank off the yarn and beads and redo them to suit another holiday sometime.  They’d be super cute at Easter or Halloween too.  Go and make your own and have fun with this Christmas Craft Idea!




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