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When All You Want for Christmas is $13,000 and a Baby #ABHC4IVF #abpoli

Are you ready for Christmas (if you celebrate) ??  Isn’t that the most insane question ever asked?  Is anybody really ready?  I know I’ve said to myself at least 3 times “that’s it, I’m done!” only to realize 20 other things that actually need doing.  And this year is an easy year because we aren’t traveling and it’s just our little family of 4 here for dinner.  It doesn’t have to be fancy by any means.  Still.  There’s loads to accomplish.  Much of it revolves around the children and now that my daughter is in school, there’s much excitement and activity being added to the plate that wasn’t there previously.  Trips to see reindeer that she ‘found out about‘ through school, pajama parties to get excited about, teacher gifts, elf shenanigans and more.

bragg creek reindeer

It’s made me realize just how much these holidays really do revolve around kids.  We didn’t drive out to Bragg Creek to watch Santa and his Reindeer just for us adults.  Everything is for the kids.  We put so much effort and love into making holidays special for them.  And the thing is, that even though Christmas isn’t about me anymore, I love it all the more because of the fun we have with our kids.  They’ve brought the magic back to the season.  They’ve brought the fun back.

Can you imagine wanting to share the magic of Santa, wanting to fill a little stocking.  Wanting to hang a ‘baby’s first Christmas’ ornament on the tree only to go year after year with nothing more than a negative pregnancy test.  I’m lucky I will never know the pain of such wanting.

Stats Can reports –

In Canada, the prevalence of past-12-month infertility rose from 5% in 1984 to a range of 12% to 16% in 2009/2010.

Although trouble conceiving isn’t rare, many couples never move forward with infertility treatments because of the cost involved – around $13,000 for one cycle of treatment.  Join the discussion and follow the Generations of Hope Fertility Fund facebook page and twitter account.  Learn how you can voice your thoughts about government coverage of IVF treatment costs.

It’s an important conversation to have.  I can’t imagine going through the holidays without my babies and I don’t think anyone should have to.



**I am a valued member of the Generations of Hope #ABHC4IVF blog team and as such have received compensation for my time in writing this post.  All opinions remain my own.


  1. You really made me think with this post. I completely take it for granted sometimes that I got pregnant with both of my boys very easily and there are some women who don’t have it so easy. My kids are everything at Christmas and the joy that the whole magic of Santa brings makes my life worth living <3

  2. Its funny how much more exciting the holidays are with kids too. I love seeing the excitement through my sons eyes. Each of my kids is worth every penny!

  3. Wow! I thought I knew a lot about this issue then I saw that stats can statistic and was shocked! That’s drastic to me. Further reasons why we need to fund IVF as an economic and cultural reality of our reproductive lives. It’s just common sense and it saves money on health care costs.


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