Herbs are the Solution this Spring

This extended winter has really gotten under my skin.  I’m waiting for the sunshine and the warmth and a chance to get outside.  I’m waiting for scents of cut grass and flowers and hot pavement.  None of that is happening.  Snow is happening.

I broke down today and wandered around in a garden center.  It was glorious.  I listened to fountains and watched some koi swim and smelled the delicious blooms.  I had to bring that home with me.  I decided to make a planter for my kitchen island.  I bought two herbs, thyme and oregano.  And I bought a little lemon tree thing that doesn’t grow lemons but it smells like lemons and the bright color just called to me.  Also, I got some little purple flowers to fill in the gaps and I hope once they bloom, they’ll provide some nice color.

herb container

First I filled the container half full of soil. I likely should have had some gravel in the bottom but it totally escaped my mind at the store.

plant pot

Then I arranged my plants with the tall lemon tree in the center and the herbs on the end.  The purple guys went in between.  My plants have a lot of growing to do and I hope they fill up my planter quickly.  They already smell amazing and are a welcome addition to my kitchen island!

indoor herb garden

What are you doing to cope with this crazy weather?  Is it making you crazy like it’s making me crazy?



  1. I have been living in Brazil, São Paulo state, since I was born. Here the weather is nice the whole year, thanks God! Sometimes it is too hot here, but I like it very much.
    I will go to Calgary this August, and I’m afraid of feeling very cold there. I’m used to temperatures of 22º Celsius or more. I hope I will not feel so much cold.

  2. OK I need to know if you have to have drains in this? I have a metal box that I bought because I LOVE but have never found a use for it. PERFECT post and perfect timing. I need some info!

    • there are no drains in my pot. Ideally you would put gravel in the bottom to allow for some drainage but I forgot. I think it will be fine as long as I dont over water it.

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