7 Insanely Creative Plastic Toy Crafts

You know those little plastic animals, the kind you can nab up at the dollar store pretty inexpensively?  Or maybe your kids brought some home from a birthday party once?  There are so many fantastic DIY projects you can make with those!  I’ve rounded up a few of my favs for inspiration.  Here are the most creative craft ideas to use up those little plastic toys we all have kicking around!

plastic toy crafts

I love the color from these simple canvases at Papery and Cakery.  Paint them to match any room decor.  Full tutorial HERE.


How adorable is this dino serving tray from Three Little Monkeys Studio?  I love this.  It would be perfect for a theme birthday party! Full tutorial HERE.


And what about some pretty DIY Mason jar toppers?  You could use these for storage in a multitude of ways.  Full tutorial HERE.


Or maybe instead of Mason Jars you upcycle some old jam jars?  Tutorial HERE.

finished jam jars

Animal magnetism anyone?  How adorable are these guys?  Full tutorial HERE.


Need a way to never forget where your keys are?  Make this super adorable elephant key holder!  Full tutorial HERE.


What better keepsake is there for a big kid to take away to University?  Take some old action figures and favorite toys and stick them onto an inexpensive lamp.  Spray paint and you’re golden!  Just make sure you ask before altering precious keepsakes.


I don’t know about you but at every garage sale I hit from now on I’ll be watching for these plastic toys!  I can’t wait to get creative.  I hope this post gave you a few ideas!



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