1. Ha ha. You know, I used to kind of love Forever 21, but for the last year or so, the clothes haven’t just been ’80s, they’ve been uncool ’80s. New wave clothing? I get it. Replicas of the stuff that my suburban mom wore when she was 35? Wasn’t cool then, even less cool now.

    • Yes! So much of it reminded me of my mom! She had polyester navy blue polka dot blouses just like the ones I saw in store yesterday.

  2. As a child of the 80’s lol… I can say this stuff is bad, real bad. I can’t see my tween wanting to wear this at all, but it’s just not this store, it’s a few of them we’ve been school shopping in. I saved some of my 80’s stuff (so my daughter could wear it as a Halloween costume or for some Retro night) and it looks like she might be right in style this Fall… but I have to say, even my stuff isn’t as bad as this, lots of fuchsia, turquoise and hot yellow but no ghastly prints thank goodness.

    • I also saw a pair of silk pajama look pants with green palm trees on them. Ghastly indeed. I didn’t share that photo because it came out blurry!

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