Sitting Room Reveal !

Finally! These are the photos from the master bedroom sitting area which I’ve been meaning to get posted for so so so long!  It’s a strange room with three doorways and a closet off of this space but the upside to this is that I could use a striking color without feeling closed into a dark box.  Because you can see beyond the teal into the hallway, bathroom and the bedroom you never feel like the color is overwhelming.

faux stag head

I saw the white stag head and fell deeply in love.  It was something I coveted for a long time before purchasing it and it was the last one in the city when I finally bought it so I feel like it was destined to be mine.  This space is heavily based on organic pieces without actually using all natural elements.  No real taxidermy for me.  I like to say this room has a ‘faux natural’ style.  Lots of nature based items, textures and colors here.

texture mirror

The frame of this mirror is an example of what I was shooting for.

There’s a warm tone to the finish, wood grain texture and a rustic feel about the piece.

teal walls with white accents

This is the side opposite the stag head.  A simple button tufted chair.  That ottoman I recovered.  The birdcage lamp and the hand painted secretary desk from earlier in the week.   The door leads out to our hallway and is usually open.  This is where I sit and think.  Where I read.  Where I write.  This is my space in this house and I’m so happy with how it turned out!


1) The little side table has a sweet tree branch base complete with birdie.

2) This wood grain look clock fills up the wall with texture.

3) the light fixture casts a beautiful organic feel shadow providing interest to the space without a patterned wall.

4) A mini Stag head antique ink well mirrors the focal point and is perfect on the desktop.

5) More texture on this faux butterfly frame shows that whimsy can have roots in reality.

honeycomb and teal walls



  1. That color on the wall is just lovely! Oh I wish I could have that color in a small part of my home. And I love the 2 stags. You created a cozy look there.

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