Procrastination Strikes Again!

How do you know your procrastination has gotten out of hand?  I’ll tell you how.  When you write about your need for taking your kids to the eye doctor for an exam and then realize it’s been a YEAR and you still haven’t done it.  I could talk about how we were busy with so much over the summer but it’s all just noise and excuses.  The truth is, I just put it off.  And most parents do.

I justified this for so many silly reasons.  Both kids had been to the ER and had their eyes looked at there.  Hannah because of the ‘darkening’ she saw on occasion and Nate because of a nasty head bonk on our granite counter.  I figured if there was anything to really be alarmed about I’d know. I thought I’d see the signs of trouble or that the kids would tell me they couldn’t see well.  The funny thing is, kids think what they see is normal because they don’t know any different. They couldn’t have told me if they were having trouble so unless an Doctor of Optometry takes a thorough look, you have no way to know what’s going on.  I didn’t know and I had to get over the procrastination and just take them in.

at the eye dr
What do you mean you can’t fix my boo boo? What kind of doctor are you??


So off we went!  Nate is fascinated by doctors and he was excited to go even though he had no idea what was going on.  He was so cute showing his knee to the Doctor of Optometry.  He had a scratch that he expected to get “fixed.”  He was a bit disappointed.  He did have a ball calling out the names of the pictures that appeared magically on the wall.  And he loved sitting in the big special chair.

eye test

Nate has one pupil that is larger than the other (the reason we took him to the ER after that bonk on the head, we hadn’t noticed it prior) and it turns out that some people are just born that way.  Nate’s left pupil is 1.5mm larger than the right and the Doctor did several tests turning the lights on and off to see how they reacted in the light.  Both pupils reacted uniformly which is ideal so we’re all good on that front.

fun times

Hannah’s test was more involved as she’s older.  She got to wear some 3d glasses to test depth perception and she had the curve of her eye measured on a special machine.  Instead of naming photos on the wall, she named letters. They also tested her for color blindness and it turns out she’s a bit far sighted but that’s also normal for kids her age.


Now I can tick that item off the list with confidence and it was FREE!  Did you know that Alberta Health covers eye exams for kids?  They do! We didn’t pay a dime or wait to get reimbursed or anything.  We just walked out and all was covered.  Awesome.

October is Children’s Vision Month and the Doctors of Optometry Canada sponsored this post to remind you to take your kids aged 3-12 for an eye exam to ensure they are learning all they can in school.  Learning is 80% visual so eye health is important during early school years.  Don’t procrastinate for a year like me.   You can also follow them on Facebook and get some general questions asked there too.




  1. THIS is my soapbox Heather! haha! I tell people to get their kid’s eyes checked starting at a year. My son was 3 when we discovered he was legally blind! People ask me all the time how we knew to take him in. We didn’t. He could hit a baseball that was pitched to him. His gross motor skills were fantastic. People that know him would say, “there’s no way his vision is that bad!” after we found out. His eyes were so bad that his first prescription was bifocals. I actually took him in because one of his eyes started turning in and not moving uniformly with the other. If not for that we had no idea. He seemed to cope just fine.

    He will be 7 next week. In the past 4 years he’s worn eye patches, had MANY prescription changes and eye surgery. He, coincidentally just had his annual post-surgery exam with our Ophthalmologist and got another weaker prescription. He is expected to be fully out of glasses by the time he’s 9! If caught early, (before age 8) most vision problems can be corrected. You don’t want to miss that boat! Make those appointments! Like you said – they’re FREE people!

    I told you this was my soapbox! Sorry this was so long but it’s a subject I’m passionate about and if this all makes one person take their kids in for an eye exam then I make no regrets!

    • Remember I promised you WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back in the spring that I’d take them over the summer? And then I didn’t. So we got it done in fall and I’m glad we did. It was way less of a hassle than I thought it would be. The kids had a great time and our Dr was fantastic with them. I’m glad we went!

      And that’s awesome your son could be out of glasses! I think you picked a pretty good soapbox to stand on 🙂

  2. Great work Heather! Your writing is an inspiration for all the mothers out there. I really appreciate your work and the way you are spreading awareness about getting an eye test for your children. Obviously children don’t know if something is wrong with their eyes and hence they don’t tell us. Basically it should be parent’s duty to book an eye test for their child.

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