Picky Eater?

My daughter has become very interested in getting hands on in the kitchen.  She’s watched a few shows on TV where kids are cooking and creating meals and talking about food.  She’s been bitten by the ‘foodie’ bug, there’s no doubt about it.  It’s wonderful to see as she was such a picky toddler.  We had a run on grilled cheese sandwiches that went for a looooooooooooong time.  Now, her interests have broadened and she’s open to trying just about anything.  I even got her to taste a jalapeño last week.  I never thought I’d see the day!

Now, I’m doing all I can to foster her interest and encourage her to explore this desire to cook. Getting her hands on is paramount and Rice Krispies treats are a fantastic beginner item because they’re made over a low temp with a long handled spoon – a chance of a bad burn is pretty slim.


We put the little brother down for a nap and got to work mixing up the Rice Krispies treats.  She melted the butter and I taught her how to measure out a ¼ cup.  She stirred the marshmallows and commented “Mom!  They looked like melted pizza cheese!”  She thought it was pretty hilarious and we both giggled over it.  She stirred in the first few cups of Rice Krispies and when the stirring got tough I took over.


After the treats had set, the little guy woke up and wanted in on the action.  He’s just turning three and so he’s hitting the prime picky eating stage now.  We’re working on getting him involved when it comes to making dinner in the hopes he’ll grow his food interests too.  When he saw what was going on in the kitchen today he jumped at the chance to help.  He set sights on some jelly beans and was instantly in the center of the goings on.

I tasked him with putting the candies into small dishes.  He did his job well.


And when it came time to assemble and decorate our dinosaur both kids were eager to put their mark on the project.  I even managed to get the husband involved on this one and he helped cut licorice spikes for the kids to glue down along the dinosaur’s spine.

Food can be fun and it can be about more than getting in a family meal.  Sometimes playing with food can grow an interest in what goes on in the kitchen.  Making food fun and playful can teach kids how something goes from ingredients to a dish on a plate.  And each time they want to get involved it’s a chance for us to work on something together and talk about whatever we need to talk about – and silly things too.  Like how melted marshmallows look like pizza cheese.


Get your kids into the kitchen for a little food play with #TreatsforToys !  For every toy shaped treat photo uploaded to RiceKrispies.ca, Kellogg’s will make a donation of $20 to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army will then use the donations to buy toys for children in need across Canada for the holidays.  Help your kids learn to be interested in their food and also help a child in need enjoy the holidays.





*This post was sponsored by the folks at Rice Krispies however all opinions remain my own






  1. Wow – this brings back a lot of memories ! That looks like so much fun – playing with food in that way. That is a really good cause and reason to play with your food. 🙂

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