A Father’s Legacy

Warren Stewart had no idea that his death would inspire his family, friends and even strangers to show a little kindness to those around them.  His unexpected passing at 49 years of age left his wife Danielle and their two children behind.  To celebrate his life and his 50th birthday Danielle is asking  people to perpetuate the goodness she knew to be in her husband and perform random acts of kindness.  Warren was the sort of person who helps others.  He opened his business to help people gain work experience.  He opened his wallet and donated funds and he opened his home to those in need of a meal.

Danielle says:

I am so completely thankful for each and everyone of you who has chosen to take this journey with us. I am glowing, ecstatic and can’t wait to see what happens. I am so thankful that my kids will be able to see what their daddy inspired. It will never, ever replace what they have lost but it is amazing that they will know what he inspired.

Join the community of nearly 1200 members on Facebook to share your random acts of kindness or gain inspiration from others.  Here are a few things people are doing in Warren’s memory.

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It doesn’t take much to be kind.  It doesn’t take much to give a moment to someone else so that you can spread a little of Warren’s spirit to others.  There are so many reasons to do this for the community and for yourself.  Thanks Warren and Danielle for making #yyc a great place to live and give.



  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story! While it is very sad as well, it is good to know that we all can be a part of something good. I have shared this story on the Kindness Canada Facebook Page in hopes to reach more people who love to be kind to others just like Warren Stewart!

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