10 Tips for a Memorable Easter Egg Hunt

“Hey Nate, what’s your favorite part of Easter?” I asked him.
“Finding Easter Eggs!” he answered.

The fun is absolutely in the hunt and often, the treasure we find is a bonus.  This year, make your hunt special by following these 10 tips:

10 Tips for a Memorable Easter Egg Hunt

Do: Hide a variety of items.

Use hollow plastic eggs to hide items from stickers, to small toys, to jelly beans and of course, chocolate! My kids love temporary tattoos and craft supplies in addition to their chocolate eggs.

Don’t: Make it too easy.

Most of the fun is in the hunt!  Kids pre-school age and younger will need items out in plain sight but older kids love trying to outsmart the Easter bunny and find his trickiest hiding places.

Do: Consider hiding treats in multiple areas.

If you can move some of your hunt outside then that’s fantastic!   Make bunny prints in the garden beds, use rocks and things to make arrow ‘hints’ for hunters and hang things from trees.  We have the possibility of snow for Easter so we’ll just extend the hunt to more areas of our home to keep the fun going.

Don’t: Forget about animals. 

Kids might not be the only ones hunting for goodies.  Your pets or outside creatures could sniff out a tasty snack too.  Chocolate is toxic to dogs so make sure Fido is somewhere safe, away from the hunt.

Do: Get great photos!

Charge up the camera battery, make sure the camera is out in an opportune place (not tucked away in a closet far from the activity) and designate someone to be photographer.  Capturing the excitement on little faces is so important. I can’t find any photos from last year at all!  Not sure what happened there.

Don’t: Forget the containers.

Easter baskets are perfect but little buckets work too.  Give each child their own container to carry with them for the hunt so they can collect items as they go.  Have them decorate their baskets the night before to personalize them and build anticipation for the festivities to come.

Do: Lay out the rules.

It’s normal for kids to compete to see who can find the most eggs but avoid tears and heartache by telling the kids that the loot will be shared equally in the end.  Or color code treats so each child knows to hunt for their color and leave others for siblings to find.

Don’t: Forget where you stashed the goods!

It’s a worthwhile endeavor to make a list of where treats were hidden.  Especially if pets will have access to the area after the hunt is over.  Jot down a short description of what is where so nothing is forgotten.

Do: Decorate your hunt areas for the big event. 

Some small touches here and there will make the day more special and can even act as clues.  Try setting out little shredded paper nests, paper bunting or even simple balloons.  Get creative!

Do: Plan a big finale!

A special golden prize egg that can buy the finder a reward (a bit of cash from Grandma?) or finding a key that opens a special box of goodies at the end of the hunt signifies that the event is over and can make for a fun family tradition.  It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, but ending with a bang will help your hunters create memories that will last year to year.  A fun finale idea is to use some of the collected treats in a yummy Easter treat recipe the whole family can enjoy.


I hope the Easter bunny brings some joy to your home as he does to ours.  Hunting for his treats is a tradition we look forward to every year and it’s one of my favorite moments to watch as a parent.  Happy Easter to you and yours!







  1. Great ideas, thank you!! I’m so excited to see the kids running around on Easter. And those recipes are great – I think I need to make the Mini Egg cookies!

  2. Great tips! The dog one was something we learned the hard way. Good thing most kids’ treats nowadays have more sugar than actual cocoa or we might have been in real trouble!

  3. I’ve organised an annual hunt for our friends for five years running – these are great tips, and some of them I learned the hard way!

  4. Great tips Heather! We love doing Easter egg hunts every year, and they’re over in about 30 seconds flat…I’m thinking I need to hide them better haha!

  5. Oh my! These are all fabulous tips! My favourite was the last one with the celebration and to paln for the big finale. What fun! We used to have big Easter egg hunts when my daughters were young and they were so much fun. I love how you have everything well thought out ahead of time so it is fun for every one. Love it!

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