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$100 Powder Room Refresh

Once upon a time there was a boring beige box of a powder room.  When we moved into this home, the powder room was bare except for the dark framed mirror above the sink.  I didn’t really want to replace it.  It was brand new and functional.  We did nothing with this space for almost 2 years.  Then, I hung up the matching floating shelves.  We had had them sitting around and I just put them up there with not much thought.  It was still a boring beige box, only now I had bare shelves to decorate.  These, my friends, are the spaces that DIY and home decor bloggers don’t show you. Ever.

Powder Room Refresh - Before

Well, once I put those shelves up I knew I had to do something.  Without the shelves the space was just unfinished.  With the bare shelves it felt like an attempt was made to decorate….but failed.  I couldn’t have that.  I started to collect things to put on the shelves.  I wanted something more though.  It needed colour.  For a while I thought I would wall paper in there but that sort of seemed like a lot of work.  The ceilings are rather high.  It would be hard *wrist to forehead*.

Then the fabulous folks at Scotties sent me some design tips from Dee Dee Taylor Eustace.  She’s an architect and interior designer and she also wrote a book: Dee Dee’s Rules: 366 Design Tips. Additionally, she designed some of the new tissue boxes for Scotties and that’s where this all started.  I loved the blue and grey tones she picked and I also loved her striped border.  I grabbed hold of those colours and was off and running with a plan.

powder room diy refresh

I painted a light blue stripe all around the powder room wall then I added a grey border to make it pop.  It brought a lot of light into the small space and really made it feel wider.  Then I brought in my shelf decor.

details powder roomdetails 2scotties tissue

And finally I placed the tissue box and a tea cup succulent in a bamboo tray (Dee Dee recommends using trays in the powder room and now I see why!) on the back of the toilet.  You can see what I mean about the blue/grey combo and the stripe.  It’s funny to think about designing a room around a tissue box, but in this case I think it really worked.

powder room after

Here’s where we are now.  I’d still like to change up the light fixture.  It’s very, very, very plain and I think I could bring a lot of character to the space with something else.  I’d also like to find a small piece of art for the wall.

Here’s where my money went:

Decor items: $47.25

Paint and materials: $60.31

That puts me just over $100 and we’ll call that a win because…tax.

What spaces are you refreshing this spring?





** This post was sponsored by Scotties.  Idea, photos and opinions remain my own as always.

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  1. Ooh I love the colours you picked! I am seriously bored of my beige bathroom box too and just went shopping for new towels to bring some color in. I’d never thought of my tissue box as decor before :)

  2. Erin Ewing says:

    I love this! Great job :)

  3. So cute! I love the tray on top of the toilet idea.

  4. Love, love, love. Now can you come to my house and help me pick colors because I STINK at it.

  5. This just goes to show that you can find inspiration anywhere! Very nice!

  6. It looks great!

  7. Love that it was inexpensive, but added so much character to the little space. I played along in a 2 Bills to Blow challenge and planned a powder room makeover. Now I just need to make it happen!

  8. What a lively vignette you created with some lovely pieces. It really is very stylish too! The tissue box blends in so nicely amongst your other items. Well done!

  9. I love the pieces you’ve selected. I’m hunting around for milk white too. Let me know if you find a good stash.

  10. Wow– I love ALL OF THIS. It turned out really, really nice.

  11. Lovely update, the powder room looks bright and pretty! Awesome job.

  12. Wow that is an impressive makeover inspired by a tissue box! I LOVE it!!

  13. For whatever reason I’m just seeing this now and – LOVE!!! My powder room is also a brown box…sigh.

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