$100 Powder Room Refresh

Once upon a time there was a boring beige box of a powder room.  When we moved into this home, the powder room was bare except for the dark framed mirror above the sink.  I didn’t really want to replace it.  It was brand new and functional.  We did nothing with this space for almost 2 years.  Then, I hung up the matching floating shelves.  We had had them sitting around and I just put them up there with not much thought.  It was still a boring beige box, only now I had bare shelves to decorate.  These, my friends, are the spaces that DIY and home decor bloggers don’t show you. Ever.

Powder Room Refresh - Before

Well, once I put those shelves up I knew I had to do something.  Without the shelves the space was just unfinished.  With the bare shelves it felt like an attempt was made to decorate….but failed.  I couldn’t have that.  I started to collect things to put on the shelves.  I wanted something more though.  It needed colour.  For a while I thought I would wall paper in there but that sort of seemed like a lot of work.  The ceilings are rather high.  It would be hard *wrist to forehead*.

It’s funny to say, but  I loved the blue and grey tones I found on my tissue box.  I grabbed hold of those colours and was off and running with a plan.

powder room diy refresh

I painted a light blue stripe all around the powder room wall then I added a grey border to make it pop.  It brought a lot of light into the small space and really made it feel wider.  Then I brought in my shelf decor.

details powder roomdetails 2scotties tissue

And finally I placed the tissue box and a tea cup succulent in a bamboo tray on the back of the toilet.  You can see what I mean about the blue/grey combo and the stripe.  It’s funny to think about designing a room around a tissue box, but in this case I think it really worked.

powder room after

Here’s where we are now.  I’d still like to change up the light fixture.  It’s very, very, very plain and I think I could bring a lot of character to the space with something else.  I’d also like to find a small piece of art for the wall.

Here’s where my money went:

Decor items: $47.25

Paint and materials: $60.31

That puts me just over $100 and we’ll call that a win because…tax.

What spaces are you refreshing this spring?








  1. Ooh I love the colours you picked! I am seriously bored of my beige bathroom box too and just went shopping for new towels to bring some color in. I’d never thought of my tissue box as decor before 🙂

  2. Love that it was inexpensive, but added so much character to the little space. I played along in a 2 Bills to Blow challenge and planned a powder room makeover. Now I just need to make it happen!

  3. What a lively vignette you created with some lovely pieces. It really is very stylish too! The tissue box blends in so nicely amongst your other items. Well done!

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