10 Essential Road Trip Foods

We are about to hit the road for our family summer trip and this year we’ve decided to bring our food with us from home.  We’ve spent so much money on gross road food in the past and we want to avoid that this year.  Stopping for meals wastes time too.  We will still stop to stretch our legs and eat outdoors but a rest stop picnic where we eat food that’s already prepared will save a lot of time over waiting for our meal at restaurants.

I’m sure you know what it’s like to be in the car all day and not even feel hungry but you eat that burger anyway because, well, it’s dinner time.  That feeling is pretty gross.  I want none of it!  We are packing a cooler with healthy, simple, and easy to eat on the go foods.  Here’s what I’m bringing.

Save time and money by taking healthy foods with you on your road trip.  Here are some ideas!


1) Breakfast Cookies.

These will be perfect to eat as we are leaving home or our hotel room.  The kids wont’ need bowls and spoons for cereal and they don’t take up much space or require any clean up. Get the recipe for my Blueberry, Lemon and Coconut Breakfast Cookies.

2) Trail Mix (peanuts, cashews, dried apricots, smarties, sunflower seeds.)

These snack packs will be great for the kids to nibble on as we head down the highway.  I’m going to keep these in reserve for whiney periods – nibbly snacks are great to focus on as the kids will hunt for, and pick out the chocolate bits.

3)  Hummus and Fresh Veggies.

These were super simple to put together – it’s just some yummy Sabra Hummus in the bottom of a jar and then some veggies stuck into the dip.  My kids love hummus and this is a great way to get them to eat veggies on the road.

4) Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies

Treats that aren’t going to cause the kids to bounce off the walls are a must for when you’re strapped into the car.  Get the recipe for my Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies they’re just the ticket.

5) Fresh Fruit!

Fruit is the perfect, ready to go food that requires little prep or packaging.  We’re going to take apples, berries and bananas.

summer pasta salad


6) Pasta Salad

I’m excited to make up a batch of our favorite pasta salad.  When this dish goes into rotation it means summer has arrived!  It will pack well in mason jars too and will be the perfect lunch on the go.  Because it has chic peas and sunflower seeds, it’s nice and satisfying without being heavy.  Get my Summer Pasta Salad recipe.

7) Cheese and Crackers

Dinner will be an easy affair because we’ll all likely be tired by the time it comes around.  Simple cheese, crackers and salami will do us well.  Add some fruit or hummus on the side and it’s a done deal.  Maybe when we get to the hotel we’ll find somewhere for dessert.

8) ?? Salad

I’d like to make one more salad for the road but I haven’t decided which one yet.  Something from my Modern Salads pinterest board will do the job.  The Roasted Sweet Potato salad is a strong contender!

9) Banana Muffins

Another no-mess, no-dishes breakfast option is muffins!  I might make these without the crumbly topping so they’re easier to eat in the car but you could make them with if you planned to stop and picnic.  Get my Gluten Free Banana Oat muffin recipe.

10) PB&J Sandwiches

It’s not fancy, it’s not life changing and it’s not exciting but the good old standby Peanut butter and Jam sandwich is going on our road trip menu for practicality’s sake.  I know my kids will eat these.  I know they can be made ahead and will keep well in or outside of the cooler and I know they are going to keep our tummies full.  Sometimes, it’s ok to do easy fare and holiday road trips are one of those times!


There you go – 10 easy foods for on the go families.  Are you doing a road trip this summer?  What are you packing in your cooler?



 **I am a part of the Sabra Tastemakers program and as such I receive compensation.  All opinions remain my own.



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