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The Stupid Easy Way to Capture Memories Forever

One of the things about modern digital photography is that it’s so easy to click, click, click and take LOADS of photos.  We don’t worry about running out of film and we don’t worry about the price per snap.  We can shoot away to our hearts content and as long as our batteries are charged and we have room on our memory cards we’re good to go.  The downfall for me is that all my photos end up on a hard drive in a mishmash of a mess.  Sure I can open up the files and flip through them but I am realizing that my gems, the GOOD shots, the ones I want to keep forever are mixed in with the closed eye pics and the blurry photos and the thumb captures too.  It’s a disaster in my hard drive.

Then there are the day to day snaps we take with our smart phones.  Last year Nate grabbed my phone and deleted everything.  An entire years worth of photos.  I was heartbroken and am still frustrated as I think “I know I took photos of Easter…where are they?  Oh.  They must have been on my phone.” So many memories were lost just like that.

I vowed to do something about this.  I needed a solution to my photo hoarding.

I want to print more of the keeper photos out.  I want to lose less memories and I want to be more organized in less time.

I’ve finally found something that will help and I’m going to use this system to capture our summer – all with my smartphone!

Now, in order to use this system you sort of need to be happy with the photos your smartphone takes.  I’m shooting with the new Samsung Galaxy S5 and I couldn’t be happier with the photo quality.  It’s far better than what I was getting with the S3 and MILES better than what my husband gets with his iPhone4.

camera comparison s3 s5 samsung

You can see here that the colors are brighter, the image is sharper and the whites are whiter.  This S5 takes photos almost as good as my ‘big camera’ does.  I’m head over heals in love with the S5 and have nearly given up on toting the larger camera around.

Here’s my system:


This summer I’ll take photos on the phone like I normally would.  They will all be found in the phone’s camera gallery – all mixed up together, organized by date.  Some will be better than others.  If I can, I delete the obviously poor shots as I go to save time and space.


I am rarely happy with a photo straight out of the camera. I’ve realized that the hoarding situation is compounded at this step because I wait (read procrastinate) until I have time to sit down and edit in photoshop on my computer which is time consuming. Transferring images from my phone to the computer takes forever. I need to simplify this step if I am going to get anywhere!

I found an app that does everything I need right on my phone and the results are beyond fantastic.  It’s called Fotor and it’s FREE!  It’s available across all platforms and you can use it online from your desktop too.  One of the things I love about it is that all the photos are automatically saved to a Fotor album on your phone after you are done editing.  It’s another way to filter the gems from the constant flow of images.  The comparison below isn’t perfect, but it shows you what sixty seconds of editing can do to save an otherwise poor photo.

How to manage, edit and print photos from your smartphone!



So now we have our main album that all our camera shots go into.  I then edit the best ones and they get saved in the Fotor album.  From there some of my images get shared on social media (which I can do straight from the Fotor app) and some of them I want to keep for printing.  To manage this, I created a new album on my phone called ‘To Keep’ and I’ve started moving photos there after editing if they are ones I wish to print.  It takes two seconds and makes all the world of difference when it comes to managing the inventory.  Here’s how to do it:

First, create the new album

samsung s5 create album

Then move your photos from the Fotor album to the new album

move to new album

So easy right? There are some photos you just know you want to keep forever and instead of trying to sort through 1000s of images to pick and choose from later I’ve started just automatically moving them as I take and edit them.


I want to do this from my phone too.  I really want to avoid having to block off an hour to transfer images to my computer and then upload them to a photo printing site or put them on a disk and physically take them somewhere for printing.  That’s so 2004 right?  I tried many apps.  All the apps.  Really. Most of them were janky.  For this step you’ll want to use Shutterfly’s mobile app.  It’s easy to log in on your phone, find your ‘To Keep’ file, select and upload your images and then send them off for printing.

Note:  Not all offers are available on the app.  Some products aren’t available via the app either – like photo books.  Before you place your order you might want to check the web and see if there’s a coupon code or special offer you’d miss out on if you ordered through the app.  The good news is, you can upload via the app and then login on your desktop and all your images will be there.  It’s still saving you a step of transferring data to your computer before you upload the the Shutterfly site.



It’s party time!  Your photos will arrive at your door, all printed and pretty!







Thanks to TELUS for facilitating this post.  All opinions, images and thoughts are my own.  I have no affiliation with neither Fotor or Shutterfly.



  1. I NEED THIS SO BAD. Thank you!!!

  2. I love this, I am pretty good at organizing all my photos. At the very least my phone is connected to dropbox so they all get uploaded regularly

  3. I always think about the day my phone dies, how many photos I will lose!
    Sometimes I e-mail myself the important ones but it’s a bit of a hassle. Thanks for this advice!

  4. Downloading the app right now…thanks for sharing!

  5. I had the same phone – it took fantastic photos! I really haven’t looked into photo apps for organizing or printing my photos, but you’ve inspired me to do so this weekend.

  6. Im going to look into this app- I need some organization on my phone- especially for photos of things I need to remember- like prescription numbers, phone numbers, and what pantyhose I like!

  7. this is brilliant! I too love my S5, and since it does take such great photos I am taking even MORE than ever…this is perfect timing!

  8. Loving the tips… Cute kitty BTW!!!

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