Dear Diary – Summer edition




Dear Diary,

It’s been a while eh?  Well, things have been ticking along and day to day there’s not much weighing on me.  I suppose that’s a good thing.  I’m writing today because I’m struggling lately with my children.  It’s summer.  We have nothing to do.  For me, this is a luxury.  Hanging out in pjs, eating when we’re hungry – not when we can squeeze it in -reading books, blowing free in the wind.  It’s luxurious.

But the little ones are less happy about this.  We do still have a daily schedule – Up, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and regular bedtime and all of those routines that revolve around our usual daily activities with chores in between.  There’s laundry, picking up toys and clearing dishes.  But it’s the in between times where they squabble.  They don’t know what to do or how to behave, they beg for food out of boredom,they constantly fight and they climb the walls.  Really…they attempt to climb the walls.

We’ve already been to the zoo and as much as I would love to leave them there with the monkeys who might do a better job of raising them than I, it seems that’s not permitted.  We’ve been on a 10 day family road trip and again, we were required to bring them home. We are making regular trips to the library and it amazes me how they can be quiet there…for 30 seconds.

Still, they are restless and I cannot schedule ‘a big event’ every day.  We will hit up Heritage Park at some point but I won’t tell them when lest I hear a never ending chorus of “are we going there today?  Is it time yet?  Can we go now?”

I am also not the type of mom who says “Ok children, it’s craft time!  Let’s all sit together and do a craft!”

Um.  Nope.  I don’t want to be responsible for entertaining these restless minds 24/7.  I feel it’s a necessary life skill to discover a way to occupy your time, to discover what you love to do, to explore your life through play on your own terms and not through a restricted schedule of pre-determined activities.

So I yell. Stop that!  Listen up! Quit fighting! And my favorite; FIND SOMETHING TO DO!  It makes me rage to think about the hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in toys, games, books and whatnot that we have accumulated in this house for the purposes of entertaining the children.  Netflix, Teletoon, tablets, gaming consoles and handheld systems – we’ve got em all and still they fight.  I want to burn all the stuff and tell them to play in the ashes with a stick.  It would likely entertain them better but I’m not sure what type of stain remover that might require.

They will play outside if it’s not a million degrees out there and….right,  August.  Yay, it’s August!  As much as I don’t want to wish away the blue summer skies, the smells of smoking bbqs and the bright evening light, I will be looking forward to the school year starting up again.  All summer has done is remind me how lucky we are to have the ability to be bored.  Kids who aren’t so lucky are busy carrying water and collecting firewood.  Or maybe they’re collecting empty cans to turn in at the bottle depot.

As I write this they have decided to actually attempt to play together.  “Are you serious? Say you’re sorry,” Hannah says. “Sorry,” Nate says.  I don’t know what he’s done but even their civilized play has them quarreling.  I think they are playing ‘Camping’ – there’s some sort of tent-like structure to my right.  Hannah is now rubbing two clothes hangers together as though she was trying to start a fire.  Maybe they will have ashes to play in after all.  I best Google, “stain remover to use on ashes” now and be prepared.


PS.  Most of this is sarcasm.  I would never leave them alone with monkeys.



  1. OMG, I feel you. I totally agree – kids need to learn how to entertain themselves. And if you’re not sold on the monkeys, I’ve heard penguins take really good care of their young.

  2. I feel like I am having the same summer as you. Usually I’m at work full time in summer and it zooms by trying to fit as much as we can on the weekends. I’m on mat leave this year and my oldest is so bored in between activities and outings. And with a 4 month old that I’m nursing I can only do so many outings in a week before I’m exhausted. Then I feel mom guilt for not enjoying the summer since next one I’ll be back at work. Thanks so much for posting this. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in how I’m feeling. When you leave your kids with the monkeys, please ask if they have room for a couple more. 😉

  3. I love the luxury of summer too and being able to be outside in the yard and have picnics. I quite agree children need to learn to entertain themselves. I let mine help in the garden and eat some raspberries etc.

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